The Future of Auditing: The Opportunities and Challenges of Technology

Auditing might sound like a stuffy, old-fashioned concept. But that couldn’t be further from the truth now that modern technologies are bringing this industry into the 21st century. The role of the auditor will start to look a little different as these technologies mature further. Their roles will have to gravitate more toward that of analyst or data scientist. They’ll also need to be more than conversant in cybersecurity and other types of modern threats that might be relevant to auditing.

Five Blockchain Trends for You to Consider this Year

For blockchain technology to achieve wide-scale adoption, a decentralised ecosystem has to be developed. To achieve a decentralised society, many more components need to be built, requiring global standards and large investments.  Apart from the different industry layers that need to be developed, we will also continue to see new distributed ledger technologies and more exciting decentralised applications. With the blockchain ecosystem evolving, new applications and technologies come into play as well. Therefore, here are five blockchain trends that you should consider in the coming year.

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Why it’s not that easy as it sounds to adopt blockchain in insurance sector?

Blockchain helps insurance sector in providing privacy, borderless reach to make smarter decisions and also deliver insurance with quality. This is due to the features of blockchain that make it possible with the decentralized network. Though blockchain in insurance sector helps the industry to provide a much better service, there are many challenges faced while adopting to blockchain. The question is how far is your insurance company would go to break down these challenges and survive in the market and how well do use these challenges to your advantage. 

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  • How AI and fintech can work together

    Fintech firms are increasingly escalating the pace of revolution with the help of cutting-edge technologies. They are now looking to combine two incredible technologies to become a differentiator in the competitive market. Robotic process automation (RPA) and AI have become a disruptive force in the fintech sector. Augmenting AI to a rule-based robotic process automation system gives rise to another tool that not only automates tasks but also possesses decision-making capabilities. All of this will in turn increase accuracy, boost productivity, and increase a company’s bottom line.

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    Seven Tax Tips for Businesses

    Going into business for yourself by forming a corporation or sole proprietorship is an exciting endeavor. Of course, from a taxation standpoint, it can also be a little overwhelming. These seven tips will help you navigate your tax requirements. You can begin to implement some of these tax tips for businesses practically overnight. Others are slightly more involved and might require input from your lawyer or accountant. All of them, however, have the potential to help your business.

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    How to Select the Right Tax Preparer for This Season?

    Finding a tax preparer in the US is not at all a cake walk. And you all share your personal information with the tax preparer including your income, marriage, kids and even your social security number. Are you feeling anxious now? In this article, I’ll be sharing 7 effective tips that will help you find the right tax preparer for your business and personal purpose as well. These tips can greatly help you to pick the right tax preparer, alerting you about common frauds.

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    Key Considerations for a Startup to Build a Fintech Mobile App

    Fintech has become a key component of modern financial companies and their offerings. Whether it is insurance, home loans, savings, and term deposit products or business loans, every financial product today depends on Fintech. As Fintech can only grow thanks to smarter innovations that keep pouring, for startups, it offers a never-before opportunity. But, how can you build an innovative and business-driven fintech mobile app to propel growth for your startup? What are the key considerations when developing a new fintech app? Let’s explain a few of them here. 

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    Six Impressive Ways AI Will Reshape Fintech Mobile Apps

    While enterprise mobile app has become a mainstay of adopting fintech, new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an elementary role in shaping such apps. While the financial sector is fast adopting AI for its applications, it is essential to have a look at the specific ways it is going to reshape the entire fintech mobile apps. Naturally, all fintech apps today or tomorrow have to come to terms with this technology. Though until now it cannot replace human beings, it can make financial services more personalised and customer-centric than ever before.

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    How businesses can overcome the key threats to digital transformation

    The pressing question enterprises rapidly need to answer if they want to remain competitive in the future, is how they can overcome security and collaboration challenges? One option to consider would be to decentralise the back-end infrastructure that underpins data processes using a private blockchain. Technologies such as distributed ledgers offer a viable solution. Although the technology is still in its relative infancy when compared to other technologies associated with digital transformation, its role in the corporate world is growing fast. 

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    The need for layer 3 in the internet of value

    It would seem that, finally, technology had appeared which would enable us to create, digitize, and transmit value, just as we create and transmit information on the classic Internet. A given blockchain-ecosystem, whatever it may be, is unlikely in itself to become what we could call the Internet of Value, just as WiFi could not become the internet. But all of them working together can. However, this will happen only in the event of the emergence of a Layer 3 technology which can ensure their interoperability.

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    How Much Do Blockchain Jobs Pay?

    Blockchain salaries have risen to be among the highest in the tech industry. The demand for blockchain talent is still strong. Despite the bear market and recent industry layoffs, the number of blockchain job postings have been on the rise, and searches for roles involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and cryptocurrency have increased. Startups are offering top compensation packages, in particular for blockchain developers, as they compete for talent in an industry where supply is limited. The demand for blockchain talent has also grown as established companies.

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    From AI to Blockchain to Data: Meet Ocean

    What we needed was a protocol and network, on which data marketplaces can be built. This is Ocean. Its network (running the Ocean protocol) handles storing of the metadata (i.e. who owns what), links to the data itself, and more. On top of Ocean there can be thousands of data marketplaces and exchanges, all accessing the same data. Each marketplace acts as the last mile in connecting buyers and sellers.

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