Alexander Liss

Alexander Liss

Alexander Liss is Vice President of Decision Science for HLK. On a day-to-day basis, he uses ML and analytics to turn business problems into opportunities for innovation and growth, and his long-term vision is to use AI & ML for double-bottom line impact on both social good and business profit.

Alex has a diverse background including majoring in Japanese literature, living in Japan for a few years, working in brand strategy, primary research, digital analytics, and now marketing sciences for large-scale, enterprise clients. He also serves as an advisor in the health-tech space, helping early-stage startups to develop solutions to use technology in responsible and socially positive ways.

He is currently refreshing his computer science fundamentals through Codeacademy and preparing to seek a PhD in Quantum Physics after his children go to college.

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  • Vice President of Decision Science for HLK