Wendy Sellers

Wendy Sellers

Known as The HR Lady®, Wendy Sellers is a passionate HR Consultant, Trainer, Advisor, Leadership Coach, Author, and Speaker. With a master’s in human resources and master’s in health care administration, as well as multiple HR and training related certifications, her focus always remains on the bottom line. Friends and clients call her “The HR Lady®” due to her keen sense for business practices that manage risk while attracting and retaining top talent and customers too.

She has worked with hundreds of corporations and associations conducting management training and leadership development while providing HR advisory services leading to positive and productive corporate cultures. She has experience as an HR Executive and Practitioner, an HR Advisor, a Board Advisor/ Board Member, and an adjunct faculty member.

While she is not looking to make history, she desires to be the change she wants to see in this world. She says, "I speak up and challenge the status quo. I ask controversial questions. I correct facts". She has helped hundreds of executives and leaders increase organizational productivity, leading to increased profits, and a strong bottom line. Wendy is a funny, direct consultant and speaker - and a true disruptor of traditional HR.

Her vision is to help leaders create successful companies which employees do not desperately want a vacation from.

In 2015, HRO Magazine named her an “HR Superstar Practitioner.” In 2019 as well as 2020, she was named one of the Most Inclusive HR Influencer (#HRInfluencersIncluded). In her spare time, Wendy enjoys traveling as well as experiencing adventures in her RV. It is important to note that red wine makes her very happy.

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