AI & Machine Learning

In Situ Machine Learning

What if we could leave our data “in place” and continuously run algorithms that would automatically enrich our database with new insights? This is the vision behind a new generation of systems called “In Situ” machine learning systems.

The Simplest Interesting (And Useful) Recurrent Neural Network

This post describes one of the simplest recurrent neural networks that exhibit interesting behaviors.

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Machine Learning: What Are Membership Inference Attacks?

A type of attack called “membership inference” makes it possible to detect the data used to train a machine learning model. In many cases, the attackers can stage membership inference attacks without having access to the machine learning model’s parameters and just by observing its output.

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  • Pitfalls When Measuring The Success Of Analytics Programs

    There are many factors that go into making an enterprise analytics and data science program a success. Here are a few patterns that can appear counter-intuitive at first but make perfect sense upon reflection.

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    Supercharge Your Machine Learning Experiments With PyCaret And Gradio

    This tutorial is a step-by-step, beginner-friendly explanation of how you can integrate PyCaret and Gradio, the two powerful open-source libraries in Python, and supercharge your machine learning experimentation within minutes.

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    Ensure The Success Of Your Robotic Process Automation Projects

    As with any innovative approach, it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of automation without fully comprehending the context and process for successful implementation. There are five key steps that need to be taken to complete an effective RPA project:.

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    Artificial Intelligence Will Be More Revolutionary For Education Than The Internet

    We have seen a fundamental change in the way we engage with teaching, learning and assessment through the digital medium.

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    Multi-Task Robotic Reinforcement Learning At Scale

    For general-purpose robots to be most useful, they would need to be able to perform a range of tasks, such as cleaning, maintenance and delivery.

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    8 Practical Guidelines For Designing Databases That Don’t Land You In Hot Water

    Designing databases presents a conundrum: How are you supposed to design a database when you’ve never designed something similar?

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    Building AI Leadership Brain Trust: Sciences Literacy Underpins AI

    This examines the Computer Science discipline and its relevancy to AI. Board Directors & CEOs are recommended to appoint AI leaders in board governance, as well as assess their AI skills as a National Security imperative.

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    AI (Artificial Intelligence): Build It Or Buy It?

    Many AI projects fail to go beyond the proof-of-concept stage. So then, what are the factors to take into account when looking at whether to build AI?

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    The Five Leading Recommender System Types That Every E-Commerce Company Should Know

    Recommender engines based on machine-learning algorithms have become a mainstay of e-commerce. Twenty years after Netflix began using recommender systems, 80 percent of its users’ streaming time is driven by its ever-improving proprietary recommender algorithm (Chong, 2020). A similar recommender system has resulted in most YouTube videos being watched for more than 10 years (Davidson,

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