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Today’s sophisticated analytics tools can accurately measure which marketing strategy or tool is generating revenue, which tool is working

The Big Data Marketer: An Artist or a Scientist?

In the big data world, we have heard about data scientists, but now the industry thought leaders are more

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Big Data Driven Marketing Analytics Invades the Enterprise

According to McKinsey, a comfortable 20% of marketing budgets can actually be redirected to other necessary expenditure without the

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  • Big Data: The next big recruiter?

    The world has gone digital, and there is a push toward a paperless economy. In addition, companies are making an intelligent

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    Piecewise Linear (Affine) Programming

    Linear programming is a mathematical problem solving technique widely used in various industries to optimize operations and is widely recognized as one of the core concepts of Operations Research. In this post, Professor Lahiri gives a summary of the technicalities of this method. 

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    Does Time Matter? Modeling Temporal Dynamics for Better Predictions

     The importance of predictive analytics in analyzing customer behavior and the potential value of incorporating temporal dynamics into predictive models.

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    Leveraging on a Recommender to Boost your e-Commerce

    The Problem  If you already own an e-commerce storefront like or Cold Stone Creamery, then you probably recognize

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    Operational Analytics Infographic from IBM Big Data Hub

    In the big data world, we know the power of the descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive data analytics. Another kind

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    The Big Data Ripple Effect on Retailers

    As consumerism remains a favorite preoccupation in the global community, one of the popular questions that pops up in conversation

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    Smarter Cities: Turning Big Data into Insights for Better Asset Management

    When IBM released its Cloud-based Intelligent Operations software suite, it certainly had the increasingly overpopulated cities around the globe

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    How CMOs Can Use Big Data Analytics to Drive Profits

    A Google and Shopper Sciences study reported that the average shopper in 2011 used almost twice the number of

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