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How to Pick the Best Business Intelligence Tool

In today’s world, you have a lot of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to pick from. Some are free and are open source others can cost you thousands of dollars per month. Some have automatically created dashboards while others require hours of set-up and know how to get started. If you are looking to implement a BI tool in your company or department here are some questions to ask/consider when making your decision: 

How To Get Your First Job As A Data Scientist or Analyst

You’ve arrived here because your goal is to get your first job as a data scientist. Currently, there are more data science jobs than there are people to fill them, so these types of jobs are in big demand today. Now becoming a data scientist is not going to happen overnight, but there are some core skills and education that you will need to land that first data scientist job. Here are my thoughts on what you can do land the first role as a data scientist or data analyst.

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Expert Interview – Dr. Rich Huebner On Big Data And Its Impact

Big Data has been the talk of the technological and business world for a while now. While we already see many businesses leveraging from it and its impact on processes, we decided to bring forward an expert opinion on Big Data. Here’s our conversation with Dr. Rich Huebner on the same. 

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  • Expert Interview: Sumit Pal on Big Data – Technology, Architecture and Innovations

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    Improve Your Online Marketing and Data Management Efforts

    Business units need to work together, and companies need to know their consumers. By integrating data across teams, enterprises make it easier to analyze consumer information and complete marketing tasks. Big data and data-driven marketing is the new status quo. Marketers need the reports generated by big data to find new business, optimize campaigns and help companies make a profit, and each business has its own needs and its own way of making the most of big data technology. Big data technology, cross-functional integration and social media adoption are powerful and effective ways to reduce costs, discover new opportunities and launch new services and products.

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    This Is Why Your Data Scientist Sucks

    If you have a single data scientist and you already think they should be delivering more to your bottom line than they are news flash: “They suck” and you hired the wrong caliber individual for the job. You may still be able to keep them if they are good, but you need to bring in a type-E rockstar to cement your data arm and redirect the unstoppable ship. A type-E individual doesn’t settle anywhere. If you ask an individual where do you see yourself in 5 years and they respond “Not working here” you have found a real winner.

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    Data Modeling

    Data Modeling refers to the practice of documenting software and business system design. A Data model is used to document, define, organize, and show how the data structures within a given database, architecture, application, or platform are connected, stored, accessed, and processed within the given system and between other systems.  Data modeling is required to manage data as a resource, integrate existing Information systems, design databases and repositories, and understanding the business. Using proper modeling and reporting, you can spot business trends, spending patterns, and make predictions that will help your business navigate challenges and opportunities.

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    Five Tech Careers That Are Expected to Boom in 2019

    If you’re interested in a career in tech, you have a lot of options. Following your interests is a great place to start when choosing a career path, but it also makes sense to look for jobs that have strong growth potential. Some of these jobs might require that you gain additional skills, or even go back to school for a new degree, but the effort can really pay off. Here are 5 of the tech careers that are expected to boom in 2019—could one of them be the perfect fit for you?

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    SQL is a critical skill. What is SQL anyway? SQL is a query language for talking to structured databases. Pretty much all databases that have tables and rows will accept SQL based queries. SQL has many flavors but the fundamentals stay the same. Professionals and amateurs alike use SQL to find, create, update and delete information from their sources of record. Understanding SQL queries can be fundamental to your work. Professionals and amateurs alike use SQL to find, create, update and delete information from their sources of record.

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    Three Reasons You’ll Never Be A Data Scientist

    The most common questions asked is how do I become a data scientist?  It is a fair question for those that are deciding to pivot that direction because they want to eliminate the learning waste that traditional educations are full of. The number one reason I think you will never be a data scientist is your lack of passion.  Honestly, passion fixes everything. The biggest flaw in most people attempting to break into data science is their lack of breadth. People who are passionate have great breadth.

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    Metadata Management as a Strategic Imperative

    With Big Data increasing and the time-consuming task of data preparation, the industry is looking for better ways to improve efficiency and speed up the change of data into meaningful information. With that said, when analyzing the data journey and the constituents data serves, metadata is the common recurring theme that enables an organization that replaces “data wrangling” with data discovery. Metadata management must be a core competency, a place of innovation and of strategic importance.  Data regulations and sensitive data will need to be managed, and it all starts at a metadata level in order leverage, yet protect those it intends to serve. 

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    What passions and motivations are driving your DevOps teams?

    Everybody loves DevOps. That’s because DevOps promises to satisfy the deepest longings of digital business—including fast execution on innovative ideas, competitively differentiated customer experiences, and significantly improved operational efficiencies. But who does DevOps love? It’s a fundamental challenge for anyone leading a DevOps initiative. What passions and motivations are driving your DevOps teams? How do you know? And if those motivations aren’t the right ones, how do you re-direct them? Metrics, it turns out, may hold the answers.

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