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Too Cool for School: Online Courses for Busy Data Scientists

As data science is a newly evolving field, many professionals have been caught unaware by the vast gap in

The Ultimate Solution: Big Data by Nokia

Nokia, as the global leader in mobile services, decided to turn its attention to the data age of mobility the

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New Study on Data Scientist Salaries (2014)

Recent internet search trends and social media buzz prove beyond a doubt that big data careers specifically those in

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  • Infographic The Real World of Big Data

    Whenever we are discussing the benefits of big data, we happen to talk in future terms! This general attitude

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    Big Data Weekly: Big Data Week, Alpine Data Lab, Hortonworks

    Big Data Week to steal the show Next month, Belfast will play host to the worldwide technology conference sponsored

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    SAP Business Objects vs IBM Cognos BI: Who’s the Winner?

    Every business is data driven today. The inflow of humongous amount of big data requires equally competent tools to

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    Reinvention of Bioinformatics with Big Data Applications

    The main objective of this post is to acquaint a broad readership with the technical developments in the field

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    Major Hurdles in Big Data: Risks and Threats

    In her white paper Big Data, Bigger Opportunities (April 2013), author Jean Yan, Program Manager at, U.S. General

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    Big Data as a Service Market: Future Growth Opportunities

    The recent data explosion due to sensor-enabled machines, mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing has been projected to

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    Hadoop Market Size, Adoption and Growth Through 2020

    In its research report on the growth patterns of the Hadoop Market Analysis, Allied Market Research forecasts that the global

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    Women in Data Science: 10 Selected Profiles

    There has been some discussion in the past about women data scientists.  Things look very bleak if you ask

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    Where are the Women in the STEM Workforce?

    The business economy in the United States boomed because of the nation’s unchallenged devotion to the growth of its

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