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Big Data: Big Illusion?

Big data has evolved in different ways in the last several years, and now it encompasses all those activities

KDNugget’s Poll: an Eye Opener for Data Science Debate

The data science debate on machine learning vs domain expertise has gone on for years now, but none of

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ScaleMP: Market Leader in Advanced Big Data Analytics

Big data has captured public attention in unexpected way, and now businesses, both online and offline, cannot comprehend data

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  • BugSense leverages Google App Engine

    Rather than investing premium resources on development infrastructure, it is probably more strategic to partner with an established brand

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    Big Data Weekly: Hadoop, Cloudera, Leverage Big Data

    This weekly roundup includes Hadoop, Intel’s Cloudera, the Leverage Big Data summit, and more.   Big Data Summit Scheduled

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    Enterprise Data Management using Hadoop with MapR

    With the emergence of production-level Hadoop with MapR distribution, business data that was too large, too complex, and too expensive

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    Future Faces a Shortage of Big Data Human Capital

    In the current volatile business environment, three visible trends are transforming the way businesses operate: Technologies, especially open source are

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    When Big Data Goes Bad (Infographic by Experian)

    Businesses thrive on the quality and reliability of data they collect and process. According to a recent study, businesses

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    Avoiding Failure in Big Data Adoption

    According to a Gartner’s report on big data adoption in 2013, 64 percent of organizations have already invested in or

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    The Rise of Educational Data Mining

    As education increasingly moves online, we are witnessing an explosion of data that can be used to improve educational

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    Ingredients in the making of a Data Scientist

    How does one prepare for a career in data science?  What credentials enable you to become a data scientist?

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    Council to Address Big Data Ethics

    The Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society was formed in response to National Science Foundation’s request for proposal for innovation

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