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Big Data Improves Farming with Advanced Agricultural Technology

A former data science organization has leveraged the inherent strength of agricultural data or big data to transform farm

Data Scientist Study Infographic by EMC

The recent explosion of industrial data, the emergence of advanced big data technologies, and inexpensive hardware and bandwidth all fuel

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Big Data Survey Reflects Organizational Faith in Analytics

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a poll on behalf of CSC and EMC around March 2013 to collect the

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  • SumAll: Big Data Lends a Humanitarian Hand

    Most of the big data contributions people have heard about involve improved business processes, better risk management, and enhanced

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    Massachusetts May Lead the World in Big Data Growth: New 2014 Study Shows

    IDC forecasts that the digital-data universe of social media, online transactions, and sensors will reach 40 zettabytes (ZB) by

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    Hadoop Ecosystem at LinkSmart Delivers Big Data Analytics Solution

    The Protagonist LinkSmart This startup located in Boulder, Colorado provides an advanced analytics service to its digital publishing clients. LinkSmart’s unique,E

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    Big Data Weekly: Big Data Week, the White House, and Brazil

    As big data continues to shine in the industrial limelight, here are a few stories that showcase the widespread

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    2014 Big Data Events Not to Miss

    Since big data events such as conferences, seminars, workshops or webcasts are conducted throughout the year, the objective of

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    Affordable Memory Solutions by Numascale

    Massive data sets are generated in the world of big data analytics in an age of explosive data generated

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    Data Science Curricula Become Mainstream in Academia

    In the coming years, data scientists will be in high demand throughout the globe. Venture Beat reconfirmed FICO’s claim

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    Big Data Enhances Predictive Analytics

    Traditional predictive analytics foresaw future events based on comparisons of past scenarios or patterns. This process involves deductive reasoning

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    Too Cool for School: Online Courses for Busy Data Scientists

    As data science is a newly evolving field, many professionals have been caught unaware by the vast gap in

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