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Council to Address Big Data Ethics

The Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society was formed in response to National Science Foundation’s request for proposal for innovation

Top 20 Big Data Companies in 2014: Competitive Landscape

Visiongain has predicted that the big data market would reach $12.4 billion. The big data phenomenon gradually surpassed the

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Can Python Replace R for Developing Predictive Models?

This is a guest post by Dr. Andrew Peterson, Senior Data Scientist. A related post Is Python Becoming the King of the

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  • Information Builders versus Tibco Spotfire: Another BI Duel

    A point to note is that comparative literature on Tibco Spotfire versus Information Builders is practically non-existent apart from the

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    Big Data and the Transformation of the Gaming Industry

    Ever since the video gaming industry has invaded the online space, this fast-paced industry is almost bursting on its

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    Democratization of Big Data Outcomes

    70% say a positive outcome resulted from their last major decision in which data played a pivotal role, while

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    Can You Set Up an R-Hadoop System on Your Own?

    Compared to the traditional data warehousing model, big data analytics delivers competitive advantage in two ways, as claimed by

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    MicroStrategy vs Cognos BI: Who is the Winner?

    To make this comparison unbiased, we have used the BARC 2013 Survey results as a place to begin. The BARC

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    Data Science Team Building: The Power of Collaborative Analytics

    Data science teams are bringing new business values across the enterprise supply chain so much so that the business units

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    Big Data-Enabled Predictive Analytics to Tackle Client Incidents at Intel

    Intel’s extensive PC infrastructure, with more than 95,000 machines, generates about 80 percent of the total number of incidents

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    The Big Data Ecosystem: Who’s In and Who’s Not

    The big data frenzy is methodically conquering one market after another. As this trend continues this is the best time

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    The Challenges of Big Data Infrastructure

    As per intelligence reports: We create 2.5 quintillions bytes of digital data every day 90% of digital data found

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