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Top 20 Big Data Companies in 2014: Competitive Landscape

Visiongain has predicted that the big data market would reach $12.4 billion. The big data phenomenon gradually surpassed the

Can Python Replace R for Developing Predictive Models?

This is a guest post by Dr. Andrew Peterson, Senior Data Scientist. A related post Is Python Becoming the King of the

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Information Builders versus Tibco Spotfire: Another BI Duel

A point to note is that comparative literature on Tibco Spotfire versus Information Builders is practically non-existent apart from the

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  • Big Data and the Transformation of the Gaming Industry

    Ever since the video gaming industry has invaded the online space, this fast-paced industry is almost bursting on its

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    Democratization of Big Data Outcomes

    70% say a positive outcome resulted from their last major decision in which data played a pivotal role, while

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    Can You Set Up an R-Hadoop System on Your Own?

    Compared to the traditional data warehousing model, big data analytics delivers competitive advantage in two ways, as claimed by

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    MicroStrategy vs Cognos BI: Who is the Winner?

    To make this comparison unbiased, we have used the BARC 2013 Survey results as a place to begin. The BARC

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    Data Science Team Building: The Power of Collaborative Analytics

    Data science teams are bringing new business values across the enterprise supply chain so much so that the business units

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    Big Data-Enabled Predictive Analytics to Tackle Client Incidents at Intel

    Intel’s extensive PC infrastructure, with more than 95,000 machines, generates about 80 percent of the total number of incidents

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    The Big Data Ecosystem: Who’s In and Who’s Not

    The big data frenzy is methodically conquering one market after another. As this trend continues this is the best time

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    The Challenges of Big Data Infrastructure

    As per intelligence reports: We create 2.5 quintillions bytes of digital data every day 90% of digital data found

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    Big Data Weekly Roundup: Stanford, Ubeeko, JHU, Oscar

    Stanford Conference on Big Data: Ever since the massive influx of digital information invaded every industry sector, healthcare-related information assumed

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