Big Data, Cloud & DevOps

Twenty Big Data Use Cases

Ready for Big Data Training & Certification? Browse courses like Big Data – What Every Manager Needs to Know developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. The title explains it all. No intrigue. We are going to describe big data use cases, and we’ve summed up twenty for our industry-neutral overview. So, let’s

Five Business Intelligence Myths, Debunked

Taking a passive approach to Business Intelligence (BI) is a mistake many companies today make. Their competitors mine data related to optimize their stake in the marketplace starting from their customers, and products all the way to market share and patterns of growth. But why are so many companies still so fearful of BI? Here are the top five myths debunked

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Big Data & Analytics: Trends & Developments

Big Data, Data Science and Analytics is the art and science of deriving business value from data. It was understood that if utilised correctly, data could remarkably elevate business’s ability to make insightful & strategic decisions. 

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  • How Data Scientists Are Wasting Their Time

    We may want our data scientists to be superheroes, but all superheroes have their kryptonite. It would seem that the main flaw with being a data scientist is the one thing data scientists cannot change – the fact that they are human. Even Mister Fantastic was only human, after all. There is no way around this, so what is the solution? Do we throw all our data scientists out onto the street and replace them with machines?

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    Five data-driven technology predictions for 2018 that will impact customer engagement

    Ready to learn Data Science? Browse courses like Data Science Training and Certification developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. Databases have come a long way since its predecessors were first created more than 40 years ago. With recent advances in digital strategies directing an increased focus on the customer, the onus has

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    Putting Data to Work Hospitals are Awash in Patient Data—Why is So Much of it Never Put to Use?

    Ready to learn Data Science? Browse courses like Data Science Training and Certification developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. A decade ago, a major challenge in healthcare was the capture and storage of patient data within the central repository known as the electronic health record (EHR). Today, with many hospital systems regularly

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    Big Data, Hadoop & Cloud: Tackling a Chain of Emerging Challenges

    While big data has dropped off the hype cycle, it’s not going away; in fact it will only get “bigger”. Likewise, the Hadoop ecosystem has matured significantly and will continue to do so with all of the big distributions offering data science capabilities. The desire amongst enterprises to migrate big data to the cloud will continue to increase with managed services gaining momentum. There are many challenges that come with all of these things – but with the right strategy and foresight, enterprises can truly maximize big data’s value.

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    Pay Attention to Spatial Data, It Is the Next Frontier

    With an almost endless list of sources – including map and satellite data, catchment areas, service points, building and customer locations, land use data, urban data, and communication pathways – spatial data is a valuable global commodity which comes in many forms.

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    Behavioral Ethics, Compliance, and Big Data

    Technology solution should be tailored to fit organization needs, to diagnose and address ethical and compliance risks and to ensure your business can manage these risks in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner.

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    Turning big data into deep data

    Combining sensor data with SRM can pertain to any commercial, industrial or manufacturing asset. Organizations with these assets can take a cue from transportation companies, which have begun successfully turning their big data into deep and highly actionable data, which allows them to keep their operations running efficiently.

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    Three Ways Big Data Will Transform Marketing In 2018

    For a business owner, marketing is vital to the growth of the business. One of the biggest issues in marketing today is that it is hard to get the attention of customers. Getting the attention of customers is crucial to having success with your marketing efforts. One of the best ways to connect with customers is to advertise to them in a way that is going to get their attention. This is where big data can be a huge benefit to your business. 

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    Advice for non-traditional data scientists

    There is a huge diversity of tools and techniques for approaching data work, and if you half-learn a lot of different techniques you won’t be able to fully understand or accomplish any one technique. Pick one or two people who work in the field and who speak in a language you understand and try to emulate them. It’s good to try to develop depth of knowledge, rather than breadth, because when you know one thing very well you can usually apply that knowledge to other areas. A shallow understanding of many areas won’t help you tackle advanced problems in a specialized area.

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