How IoT Will Change Health Informatics

IoT is still evolving and winning over all kinds of industries worldwide. Health informatics is also embracing the benefits of IoT, so we can expect the field to flourish in the next few years. In this post,

There is a Real Demand for AI in Healthcare, But Preserving Privacy is Key

Medical culture has begun to change, but the change is by no means complete. AI developers need to tackle the issues both doctors and patients will have with the adoption of AI and build the right tools to facilitate the changing medical landscape. Before AI can truly transform the healthcare sector, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed: patient confidentiality or privacy. AI in healthcare will have a wide range of applications in everything from personal medicine to research, diagnosis and logistics.

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Unlocking the Value of Open Data: A Case Study Using the New York State Healthcare Open Data

An analysis on Hospital Inpatient Discharges data released by New York State in 2012. This post shows that open data can be as useful as proprietary data. 

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  • BI on Steroids! Providing Value to Barcelona Residents

    This post gives an extensive overview of the development process and the capabilities of Infobarris, a tool developed to support the analysis of health and its determinants in the neighborhoods of the city of Barcelona. 

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    How Big Data is Revolutionizing Healthcare

    Few American industries are as primed to be revolutionized by Big Data as healthcare. In this blog post, Harpreet Singh, the Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy gives us three ways in which Big Data in fundamentally reshaping healthcare.

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    McKinsey Report on Healthcare Analytics

    Like all opportunities conceived in big data, healthcare analytics too is undergoing a revolution. Pharmaceutical companies have been aggregating

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    Hadoop Saves Children’s Hospital from Information Chaos

    In the recent times, like the other industry sectors, the healthcare sector has also recognized the uniqueness of Hadoop

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    Big Data Technology for Evidence-based Cancer Treatment

    At New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) serious efforts have been made to exploit big data technology to

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    Growing Penetration of Big Data in Federal Healthcare: 2014 Study Shows

    MeriTalk, a public-private partnership committed to enhancing IT services in the government, has just published a study titled The

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