Healthcare Application Development: Future of the Healthcare Industry

Over the last decade, the usage of mobile and wearable application in healthcare has transformed how we manage our health and communicate with our doctors, making it one of the most exciting developments in healthcare.  As a result of its specific use, the healthcare business has used mobile technology to make health offices safer. Anyone

Pharmaceutical Industry: How Technology And Workforce Automation Has Enhanced Productivity?

As we continue to make landmark progress in technology and digitization, it is only natural that the pharma industry should adopt digital solutions like workforce automation, robotic process automation, chatbots, and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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6 Innovations That Are Propelling Health Systems into the Future

While there are countless ways innovation has accelerated the transformation of healthcare delivery over the past year, here are six worth noting.

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  • FemTech Mobile Apps: Digitizing Women’s Healthcare

    Women’s health is a budding domain in the digital health market ever since 2016. The segment has been on a growth spurt. Finally, FemTech players are here to successfully catch up with years and years of unmet demand.

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    Leveraging The Benefits Of AI Technology In Bioinformatics

    The use of AI in bioinformatics has proved to be highly beneficial in managing and analyzing biological data. The merging of bioinformatics and AI analytics can be utilized for DNA sequencing, protein classification, and generative modeling for protein structure.

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    AI Is Speeding Up The COVID 19 Vaccine Rollout And Tracking

    AI has become an integral part of the digital industry and now the pharmaceutical industry as well. With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, AI has proved to be the catalyst in time-saving and efficacy capabilities.

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    How is AI Automation Disrupting Primary Healthcare?

    Artificial Intelligence in primary health care is a hot and trending topic these days, and the healthcare sector is being benefited from it in 2020, and beyond. Here is a a brief overview of what AI is in healthcare.

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    Healthcare Leaders Find AI a Top Digital Health Priority for 2021

    Health system technology leaders found that digital health solutions, such as AI, are one of the most impactful health technology areas during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future.

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    The Role Of Patient-Centricity In Health Care Innovation

    Despite considerable progress in digital transformation, health care still is a digital dinosaur. The future of health care consists in laying today the foundation for a just, patient-centric and smart health system.

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    AI, Machine Learning Playing Important Role in Fighting COVID-19

    The Healthcare sector is in a critical requirement of innovative technologies for decision-making to handle COVID-19 epidemic. Machine Learning, IoT, and AI help in getting appropriate recommendations in real-time to keep away from the spread.

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    Telemedicine Platform Development: How to Start a Telemedicine Business

    Telemedicine platform development can take any healthcare organization to the next level. But then, it is necessary to keep every detail in mind while integrating the key features to leverage the benefits of the telemedicine concept.

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    How AI & ML Contributing To Mobile App Development To Test Coronavirus?

    How is artificial intelligence in mobile applications helping the healthcare industry? With the introduction of AI Chatbots, people can easily access free online health counseling services. This innovation has to lead to a better way of communication in the health care sectors.

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