How AI & ML Contributing To Mobile App Development To Test Coronavirus?

Talking about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), it has severely affected our day to day life and business. 

The Coronavirus outbreak is slowing down the global economy. It has become hard to deal with this deadly virus. Millions of people are getting sick and losing their precious life on a daily basis because of this paramedic virus.

Well, every problem has a solution; the theory is applied herein to treat coronavirus. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are emerging as key tools in fighting the current pandemic. According to the report, the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) software will reach $89 billion throughout the world by the end of the year 2025. And, it will keep on increasing in the forecasted period.

After seeing the utility of AI technology in various fields, including healthcare, education, finance, etc.,  most of the mobile app development is performed with the integration of  Artificial Intelligence.

Top machine learning companies in India are taking a step forward in developing an innovative application to deal with this virus. 

The Future of AI & ML Technology in Mobile App Development

The integration of AI in the mobile application has become an important step to hold a good position in the market. AI technology is the broad term in the coming time. It is forested to bring a significant transformation to various industries. 

We're approaching the smart world !!

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence differs with the change in the industry.  Chatbots, cloud APIs, natural language processing, face recognition, robotics are a great innovation in healthcare industries. 

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are contributing to fight against highly communicable diseases. The aim of introducing AI and ML in the healthcare industry for analyzing and preparing us to fight with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and other pandemics.

The technology is used in the pharmaceutical industry to detect the virus, manufacture the drugs to treat various diseases. Similarly, in this pandemic situation, AI and ML technology is being used for the preparation of the vaccine.

Its face-recognizing features are useful in detecting infected people with COVID-19. Thus, helping in the early treatment of the disease. Further, integrating Artificial Intelligence in the health industry helped the doctors to test the infection of the virus quickly, 

# Diagnosis and Screening of COVID-19 using AI or ML technology  

Contribution of Artificial Intelligence for the process of diagnosing the deadly virus  COVID-19 

AI has played an essential role in controlling the Coronavirus. This is being used as a tool to fight against viral pandemic, which has affected most of the countries around the world. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is progressively affecting the health and well-being of the global population. Regardless of this, screening and diagnosis are the crucial factors to fight against COVID-19. 

  • The diagnosis gives a clear picture of critical data, hence helping the doctor to be updated with the patient’s progress. Doctors are using an AI-based diagnosis system to examine the chest radiography. This screening approach claims to be 96% accurate at diagnosing this virus.
  • However, CT scanning is not an ultimate standard method for diagnosing COVID-19, but technology has helped doctors in many ways. Currently, chest imaging is not recommended for the early diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia.
  • While using AI, we can speed up genome sequencing, make faster diagnoses, and can perform speedier scanner analyses.
  • Doctors are using AI-enhanced microscopes to scan for harmful bacterias (like E. coli and staphylococcus) in blood samples. This results in the fast scanning of the viruses.
  • Using AI-based software can solve operational challenges, including the availability of emergency rooms and patient safety. 
  • It is part of various biochemical researches.

Contribution of Machine Learning for the process of diagnosing the deadly virus  COVID-19 

The diagnosing becomes challenging when any new pandemic hits. It is hard to capture the testing of such a vast population. But because of  ML Technology, it has become easy to gather more essential data. 

  • Machine learning helps in identifying the patient who is at risk due to a fast and straightforward gathering of reports on a large scale.
  • When it comes to diagnosing COVID-19 patients, face scans can be opted to identify symptoms, such as whether or not the patient has a fever.
  • People can use wearable technology such as smartwatches to check the pattern of their heart rate.
  • The use of supercomputers helps in the calculation of complex equations faster and easier.

# Manufacture of drugs, medicine, tools using AI or ML Technology

To deal with this new pandemic, it’s vital to come up with a vaccine, a reliable diagnostic method, and a drug for treatment.  In order to prepare a drug for the treatment of Coronavirus, scientists are often using AI or ML Technology. 

  • The artificial intelligence algorithms have proven a great result in recognizing the protein pattern. This theory has helped scientists to prepare a proper drug to treat the disease. 
  • Whereas, machine learning can help us prioritize drug candidates much faster by automatically: Building knowledge graphs and Predicting interactions between drugs and viral proteins.
  • Though the current suggest, we can’t invest a lot of time on trial and error, which may lead to the spread of the virus. So, utilizing these technologies can speed up the manufacturing of drugs.

# Sharing of crucial information using AI-based Chatbots

With the introduction of AI Chatbots, people can easily access free online health counseling services. This innovation has to lead to a better way of communication in the health care sectors. 

  • Many health care centers are using this technology to answer the basic queries when doctors are not available. Moreover, the system helps to reduce costs and increase service quality.
  • With AI, Chatbots healthcare systems can accelerate the leap to add values for patient healthcare. The Healthcare Chatbots industry is booming at a CAGR of 20.5% to Estimated $542.3 million Growth By 2026.
  • If someone has the symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, headache, they can consult the doctors using this system. And can find a way to treat the disease coronavirus. If some have a severe problem, can even book the appointment with doctors. 
  • Some health centers are using this to provide a brief idea of the availability of beds in their hospitals.

How is artificial intelligence in mobile applications helping the healthcare industry?

Real-time and Immediate Alerts

Mobile app development is set more advanced due to AI. It provides real-time alerts or warnings about specific activities in our body. We can use this type of application for checking the blood pressure or heart rate.

Custom Notification

With the help of applications, we can make notes on the date of appointment with doctors for regular checks or operations. The custom notification on the phone will help us to be on time and avoid any failure. 


Apps can read the habits and routines of patients and can provide owners with valuable information to aid them in their business operations.

Smart Actions

Applications that use AI can do even more than “enough” to create a comfortable and safe environment. For example, such an app can turn off an air conditioner or electric outlet even when a person is not in the room. So, in hospitals, it can be used for operating medical tools and gadgets.

Face recognition and authentication

Now, most of the mobile applications consist of fingertips and face recognition, which is the excellent use of AI technologies. Artificial intelligence usually reads eye position, nose size, a form of the lips, etc. We can use these features to keep our data safe. Even this can be used in hospitals to secure confidential patient reports.

Wrapping UP:

We can say that the post-COVID-19 the world will transform completely. We will not be able to communicate directly and have to see the world through the frame of technology. So the technology mentioned above trends is not only helping the health care centers but also others. 

Some top machine learning companies in India are helping different industries to come up with uses of smart technologies. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning has gained a lot of buzz in the mobile app development industry. 

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