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Ethical Product Design: How to Make It Standard Practice

Ethical product design calls into question the products we design and develop and whether they are driven by purpose to create value in people’s lives. Photograph by Leon O. Source: Unsplash.  With an overwhelming number of new products being pushed to market every second, people are demanding more from the products they choose to invest

8 Tips to Write Effective Software Defect Reports

Whether you’re a software developer or work as a QA tester, writing software defect reports is an important part of the development process. The role of software defect reports, or so-called “bug reports,” is for developers to discover and mitigate back-end bottlenecks in their software.  This helps make the final build more stable and, as

5 Reasons Why Sharepoint Intranet Is the Best Choice for Your Organization

Effective communication within an organization is imperative to maintain information flow between its employees. So, how do we achieve that? Enter Intranet. Intranet is software that establishes connections between all of the firm’s computers. To further help you understand, intranet software works like the internet, but it makes connections possible within your organization instead of

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  • Top Reasons Why Laravel Will Continue to Rule Web Development

    Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that developers use to create rich and dynamic web applications. If you have also decided to develop a web application, but are confused about how to proceed with Laravel, then this blog will give you complete insights into Laravel. Moreover, you will also know the top reasons why Laravel

    eLearning App Development: A Revolution in the Education Industry?

    eLearning platforms are applications that educational centers and organisations use as tools today. You may ask me the reason behind this roaring success of eLearning platforms. It is because nowadays, education requires modernization more than ever. And, above all, educational institutes need to adapt to the needs of today’s market. To keep up with these


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    UX & HAPPiness

    UX is more than the sum of UI components + design: the actual UI technology is the final piece. Empathy is the starting point. The UI is the interface to your site/app/product/widget/service. UI components can be well documented and well understood (APIs, documentation, etc.). But, the humans using the interface are neither well documented nor

    The Science Behind The UX

    Have you ever heard the expression “It’s as easy as A-B-C?”  That’s how easy it should be to apply simple cognitive science principles to a designed user experience. This is true whether you’re applying them ahead of time to design a user experience or applying them after the fact to evaluate a user experience in

    React Native: A Framework For Building Native Mobile Apps

    React Native is a massively popular mobile app development framework that combines the power of React with native app development. You can use React Native to design a unique Android and iOS app from scratch and also to tweak your existing apps.

    11 Pre And Post Mobile App Launch Pitfalls To Avoid

    It is not uncommon to be so excited about the usefulness of your app that you forget about paving the way for your mobile app’s launch. But you need to keep your wits about you – if you want your mobile app launch to be a successful one, make sure to avoid the following pitfalls!

    7+ Reasons Why Businesses Choose Custom Mobile App Development

    Custom mobile applications function as powerful business tools that add value to a company’s offering, improve its productivity, and increase its customer base. With millions of software offerings today, any organization that wants to maximize its customer reach is now investing in mobile apps.