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How to Become a Product Designer?

Introduction Product design is an especially high priority for startups and businesses because of the constantly growing digital world. As a result, this creates an opportunity for creative individuals to become product designers. Listed below are several techniques that can help you start a career in product design as Product Designer. Understand design prototyping tools

Your Body Is An Interface, Part 1: Three strategies

TL;DR: Your body is the interface between you and the world around you. The part of your brain that is reading this gets all outside information through a series of interfaces. Everything you know about the world has been filtered and translated and turned into things you are ready to believe. Everything you remember is

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A Little (More) Evolutionary Neuroanatomy, Part 2

TL;DR: Today we’re going to finish up our very brief look at evolution. We took this little detour so that we could eventually talk about the neuropsychology of interaction with the common understanding that the way humans experience the world is ridiculously complicated. Most of us  think that basic human senses like vision or hearing

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  • The Ultimate Guide to e-commerce Software Development

    Software Development As of 2020, eCommerce is a massive industry worth $4.28 trillion worldwide, as per Statista. With that said, it’s imperative for businesses large and small to have their eCommerce website if they want any chance of succeeding in today’s competitive market. Online shopping is taking over. People have become so used to being

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    10 Best Tools to Use as a UX/UI Designer

    What are UX & UI Tools? UX & UI tools are the digital tools that UX/UI designers use to create usable, friendly and intuitive designs. These tools are used throughout the entire design process, and they help designers to be more efficient and effective.  Figma. Figma helps designers to build wireframes, prototypes, mockups and more.

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    How to Improve Your eCommerce Business with UI/UX Design

    Introduction Good user experience can make a positive impact on an eCommerce business if done strategically. Without having a strong user experience direction, the product may not appeal to your business’s target audience (users). It is highly recommended to include a user-centred design approach in your design process. Which can better help you understand your

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    Building a High-Performance Tech Team for Your Startup

    Running a tech team startup is not a cakewalk. The primary reason why many new businesses fail is that it needs time to structure better in order to deliver results. Leaders remain on top. The structure that follows them is what runs the show. A general tech team structure has two main leads: the Chief

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    A Little Evolutionary Neuroanatomy, Part 1

    TL;DR: Today I’d like to talk about evolution for a while, to make sure that we’re all on the same page before I start digging into some of the cool parts of neuropsychology. Why? Because new learning should be built upon ideas you can defend intellectually. Not so that you can defend your ideas, but so

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    The Soft Skills Needed for a Career in UX

    Part Two: Clear, Consistent Communication Did you land here by searching for “how to get ahead in user experience (UX) jobs”? Or, maybe something more like “what soft UX skills that are needed”? In either case, you’re in the right place. There are four basic keys to this knowledge, and while none of them requires

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    How to Transform Your App Idea Into a Great Product. A Step-By-Step Guide

    Businesses across niches have their focus fixed on having a mobile app presence. App idea in the last few years have created a great level playing field among businesses of different sizes. Irrespective of the product and service quality, the app user experience has remained at the centre of all competition. At the same time,

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    Top 10 IoT Challenges and Their Solutions

    The Internet of Things challenges has become one of the fastest emerging tech trends in the past few years, especially with the growing advancements in sensor technology concerning speed, sensitivity, and network coverage. Given the impact of COVID-19, companies that implemented IoT have started to perform exceedingly well. As per a research report by Aruba,

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    Guide For Beginners: 8 Tips On How To Start Your Freelance Web Developer

    Today’s business is at the stage of active digitalization. A web developer is a specialist who creates websites and customizes their visual and technical elements. Websites enable companies to interact with their target audiences online, attract more customers, and increase profits. In turn, the demand for web development services is growing, and, according to the

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