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Who remembers Rexx?

Rexx, scripting language in the 1980s, was a scripting mega-star. The Python of its day. REXX was easy to read, and fairly easy to learn and write. This article looks at its history and sees where it was today.

Mainframes, DevOps, and Containers

Operate the mainframe in a mode to hide all the things that mainframers are so familiar with, like green screens etc, and make the power of the mainframe available to people who are used to working on PCs 💻. Not only that, but make the latest techniques in application development – DevOps – part of the package that’s available to these non-mainframers. 🙂 So, any developer, who is used to working on PCs, can develop mainframe applications that will work optimally on the mainframe.

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An Introduction to Functional Programming in Haskell

Haskell is a functional programming language that has been specially designed to handle symbolic computation and list processing applications

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  • The last part of the mainframe to modernize

    We know mainframes are light-years ahead of other computing platforms in terms of just about everything. However, there is still one area where I think mainframes aren’t as good as distributed systems – and that’s with alerts.

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    How to Transform Creative Idea into Mobile App

    How to Transform Creative Idea into Mobile App

    There are many brilliant ideas that are capable of transforming into a stunning app. All they need is proper execution and careful planning. In other words, every creative idea needs an action plan that can lead it toward a successful app.

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    Do's & Don'ts Guidelines of Android App Development in 2020

    Do’s & Don’ts Guidelines of Android App Development in 2020

    Android application is proving an effective medium for businesses to reach out to potent clients. Here are some do’s and don’ts during the app development process that are a must to avoid errors in the final product.

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    Software Testing? Why is this important to me?

    Investing in a software testing process helps you save money for a longer period of time. When you start developing a new software product, you usually have less financial resources available, and you cannot risk the dissatisfaction of end users

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    A Layman’s Guide for Data Scientists to create APIs in minutes

    This post will be about simplifying and understanding how APIs work, explaining some of the terms, and creating an API using the excellent API building framework called FastAPI, which makes creating APIs a breeze.

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    Value-Stream-As-A-Service in the Covid-19 Era

    The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the dynamics between consumers, trading partners, suppliers, and even countries. One very powerful model that will emerge in the Covid-19 era is Value-Stream-As-A-Service.

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    AJAX and JavaScript with examples

    Ajax stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript + XML” and is a group of technologies designed to dynamically create web pages. By using AJAX we improve the quality of interactivity with the user, with the desire to resemble desktop applications as much as possible

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    How To Select The Best Technology Stack For Mobile App Development?

    No matter what technology you prefer for your mobile app development, always check on some important factors as they will decide whether your app will work well in the coming years. As innovation and scalability form the two major app development pillars, choosing the right tech stack will only benefit you in the coming years.

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    PM – The State of UX: Top 10 Design Trends in 2020

    The influx of new tech and platforms turned UX design into a multi-disciplinary job. Yet, 2020 is the year that changes how we understand UX completely, the UX trends such as adopting new tech, reorganization of the UX community, and personalized design you want to incorporate in your product.

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