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From Idea to Action

What prompted the idea for Experfy and how did it come to fruition? It all began with my experience with

Data Mine Your Way Towards Quality Software

How you can use Data Mining techniques to enhance your software development process and the various advantages of this approach.

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Big Data a Top Priority for CIOs in the Oil Industry

In the oil industry, big data-enabled solutions have been used to optimize oil-drilling processes to reduce operational costs and

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  • Big Data Invades Pharma to Produce Stellar Results

    The business of drug development involves long periods of research and clinical trials, strict adherence to regulatory procedures, and

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    The Intersection of Genomics and Big Data

    Genomics happens to be the study of the complete genetic material of organisms.  This specialized field of study encompasses the

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    Are Analysts Primitive Homo Analyticus?

    This is a guest post by Gary Cokins, founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC. Gary discusses his evolutionary theory

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