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What is Agile Development Methodology?

Agile development is a renowned methodology used by millions of software developers to build and ship apps efficiently and quickly. However, taking the high road needs support. So, leaders must provide their developers with the right resources and tools that they need to succeed.

6 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Mobile App Developer For Your Business.

There are many things that we need to take into consideration before hiring a mobile app developer for our business. This article will help with things to consider before hiring a mobile app developer for your business.

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Choosing a Serverless Architecture for Application Development

A serverless architecture is a new tech that we’d be seeing more in the not-so-far future. As more organizations look for innovative ways of maximizing cloud investments, they are looking into serverless computing.

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  • The New Rise of Knowledgebase Software

    Knowledge-based systems (KBS) have seen a huge rise in demand in recent years and have overtaken their competitors.

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    4 Ways In Which Augmented Reality is Transforming Training with Immersive Experiences.

    Augmented Reality or AR is an interactive experience of a real-world surrounding. It enhances real-world objects by computer-generated perpetual information. Augmented Reality is changing the game, not just in classrooms or eCommerce but in the online training industry as a whole.

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    A Guide To Agile Scrum Methodology in Mobile App Development

    Mobile app development is a bit critical process if you wish to build an astounding app. All you need for this is proactive and brainstorming ideas. Business leaders are seeking every possible way for the quick market reach and outshine the competition. That’s why many developers follow an agile scrum methodology. The perks it provides are more amazing such as increased business value, better quality management, greater transparency, and more are enough to push the developers to follow the Agile development Scrum approach for their project.

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    5 Evolving Software Development Trends All Programmers Must Know

    There are several emerging software development trends that all programmers must know. One of the largest trends is the growing emergence of artificial intelligence. There are a growing number of sophisticated DevOps tools and resources available to strengthen project results. At the same time, there are a number of advanced cybersecurity resources available for your upcoming software project.

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    What Is a DNS Server and Why the Internet Wouldn’t Work Without the DNS System

    A DNS server is the modern equivalent of a phone book or old school phone operator, but for websites instead of phone numbers. Every website has a “phone number” called an IP address… but we don’t want to type in the IP address, so we use the website domain name instead. But what does DNS actually stand for and how does it work to simplify life on the internet? In the article, we’ll answer your question “what is a Domain Name System” and break down how it’s used to translate domain names to IP addresses.

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    HTTPS Phishing: The Rise of URL-Based Attacks …

    A new FireEye report shows a recent spike in URL-based HTTPS phishing attacks If you’re a regular reader of Hashed Out, you know that we have been sounding the alarm on HTTPS phishing for a couple of years now. Recently, the Anti-Phishing Working Group published a study that found 58% of all phishing websites are now served via HTTPS.

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    Cyber Security – Why Should You Take It Seriously?

    The financial losses of hundreds of thousands of individual companies, which have become victims of hacking, have aroused their interest in identifying potential cyber threats and taking adequate safeguards. What continues to be a barrier to raising awareness of companies and individual users of the need to take appropriate action is often insufficient information and incomplete understanding of high-tech crime. So be careful and take the first steps to protect your business, big or small.

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    Why Software Won’t Eat The World

    We are now likely embarking on a new era of innovation that will be very different than the digital age. Rather than focused on one technology, concentrated in one geographical area and dominated by a handful of industry giants, it will be widely dispersed and made up of a diverse group of interlocking ecosystems of talent, technology and information. Make no mistake. The future will not be digital. Instead, we will need to learn how to integrate a diverse set of technologies to reimagine atoms in the physical world

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    Three signs manual testing may be wasting your budget, undermining your deadlines, and ruining the user experience

    While the number of regression tests will grow as new features add up, the testing debt must be regularly repaid. With manual testing, this is typically accomplished by throwing more people at the job. But if you don’t have extra resources to spare, your team will have a hard time managing the test coverage and missed deadlines will become a sad reality. The smart way to reduce your team’s workload is to use automation testing.

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