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React Native: A Framework For Building Native Mobile Apps

React Native is a massively popular mobile app development framework that combines the power of React with native app development. You can use React Native to design a unique Android and iOS app from scratch and also to tweak your existing apps.

11 Pre And Post Mobile App Launch Pitfalls To Avoid

It is not uncommon to be so excited about the usefulness of your app that you forget about paving the way for your mobile app’s launch. But you need to keep your wits about you – if you want your mobile app launch to be a successful one, make sure to avoid the following pitfalls!

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7+ Reasons Why Businesses Choose Custom Mobile App Development

Custom mobile applications function as powerful business tools that add value to a company’s offering, improve its productivity, and increase its customer base. With millions of software offerings today, any organization that wants to maximize its customer reach is now investing in mobile apps.

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  • Python Vs. Java-Battle Of The Best Web Development Language

    Python and Java rank top in the plethora of programming languages, both sets against each other and give severe competition. Coming up with the best between two is a tough choice, but still, in the end, we have to choose one according to our project requirements.

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    Mobile App Development Trends For 2021

    Mobile app technologies continue to evolve. Businesses around the world are moving to mobile apps to expand their offerings and customer base. Due to their great success and advantages, they are often an excellent opportunity for businesses and corporations.
    Let’s take a look at the top trends in mobile app development

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    How Is On-Demand Mobile App Development Transforming The Face Of Business?

    On-demand applications are convenient for users and increase engagement, resulting in a higher return on investment for businesses. This disruptive approach awaits a bright future ahead. Today’s business-on-demand market is quite promising, so all companies should consider developing on-demand applications to raise profit margins.

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    Why Should You Choose Flutter For Mobile App Development In 2021?

    Flutter as a mobile app development platform getting prominence lately. It offers developers all the necessary things to help them code faster in a secured environment.

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    Designing In Healthcare

    My six-year background in Biotech The San Francisco Bay Area is known for a lot of things. The booming tech industry was started not long ago, in the 1980s. Before that, a different and growing industry developed: biotech. Founded in 1976, Genentech was one of the first of many successful Bay Area biotech companies. Genentech

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    Importance And Benefits Of Code Refactoring

    The process of code refactoring involves the elimination of any code smell present. The main aim of the process is the simplification of the construction of actual code.

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    Top Trends In Software Development

    It looks like 2021 will bring exponential changes in the way applications and software are developed. We hope this article helps make an informed decision for the coming years.

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    Top Tech Stacks For Web Development In 2021

    The technology stack is the mechanism behind the smooth-running website or web app you are browsing to read this article. It constitutes both the body (code) and soul (performance) of the web apps. So, while developing a programming project, a significant focus is given on the tech stacks

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    Why Is Software Testing And QA A Must For Your Business?

    Majority of IT firms have realized that QA and Software testing plays a vital role in adding value and credibility to the organisation. Testing a software prior to deployment will eliminate the unnecessary burden and cost at the later stage boosting the productivity of the firm.

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