Future of Work

Remote Work, Leadership and Cyber Security

As the COVID crisis continues to develop, one thing is becoming clearer and clearer: Remote working is here to stay, in some form or another; probably as hybrid work.

2021: What Comes After Covid?

The truth is that the challenges we will face over the next decade will be far too complex for any one organization to tackle it alone. That is why collaboration is becoming the new competitive advantage.

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Rise in On-Demand Apps and Impact post-COVID

If there is one thing that business owners learned during the pandemic, it is the fact that mobile apps are no longer optional – they are an integral part of the modern business model. On-demand apps are here to stay.

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  • Skills Should Be At The Heart Of Business Decision Making

    A disconnect between data on skills, people and locations means businesses are making poor decisions about how and where employees should work, especially in the current climate.

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    Reimagining The Future Of Work And The Workplace

    Now, with many offices opened or starting to open, how will employees feel when they walk into the workplace again? The year 2020 has been eventful, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended work and office life, becoming a powerful catalyst for workplace change. According to JLL’s Asia Pacific (APAC) “Home and Away”

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    2021: The Year Of The Digital Workforce

    Now, as we transition slowly back to a new normal, executives and employees face fundamental questions about the future. How can we increase productivity? What processes should be automated for more efficiency and accuracy? Do we need to be in an office sitting next to coworkers to be most effective? No matter what short- and long-term changes we see in 2021 and beyond, the need to give more value to customers and drive more profitability is constant.

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    5 HR Metrics Will Transform Your Workforce Management Strategy

    This article lists 5 HR Metrics that will make workforce management a little easier for you; before that, here is a little on why tracking people’s metrics is difficult.

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    3 Concepts Defining the Future of Work: Data, Decentralisation and Automation

    The future of work revolves around data, decentralisation and automation. Data collection can help every aspect of your business from developing new products to improving operational efficiency.

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    Powering The New Normal Of Work

    The pandemic has ushered in a new era of work, where the location becomes redundant. The difference between home and office has been blurred. But this new normal also has inbuilt digital challenges.

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    How to Emerge Stronger in the Post-Pandemic New Normal

    How to emerge stronger in the post-pandemic new normal. How can a company, – regardless of size or industry, – formulate a rebuilding strategy for the longer term in such an uncertain environment?

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    Why 2021 Is Looking Like A Breakout Year For Collaborative Learning

    Tech companies are doubling down on collaborative learning programs to provide employees with improved virtual learning opportunities that also create more cohesive and competitively stronger virtual businesses.

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    How To Spot Economic Trends And Three Ways To Increase Your Value In The Future Of Work

    While we could not predict a pandemic, there are some trends and changes we can see coming before they are actually here. Here are three things you can do now to increase your value for the future of work.

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