Future of Work

Resilience: The Competency Every Leader Should Cultivate

Today’s leaders are leading in unprecedented times, with a pandemic, an economic downturn, social upheaval and technological disruption all acting as major sources of adversity. During the worst of the pandemic, organizations have been required to rethink and even transform aspects of their business models to continue to provide value to customers. Business model transformation

The Future World Of Work Is Fascinating, Reveals New Research From KPMG

Bear in mind that workers everywhere have operated remotely for more than one year, ever since Covid-19 restrictions were established. And while this period has undoubtedly improved business efficiency, well-being is suffering; 94% of workers are stressed.

Why Every Organization Today Needs Tlc: Talent, Learning and Culture

It’s time all organizations make the most strategic decision regarding organizational structure: Move the learning and talent development functions out from under the human resources umbrella and unleash them to become a standalone strategic function

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  • Future Of Work: What The Post-Pandemic Workplace Holds For Remote Workers’ Careers

    What does the future hold for remote workers? And what will post-pandemic workdays look like—back to the office, working from home or a hybrid?

    The Future Of Work

    As the conversation around “return to work” continues, companies must not lose sight of the task at hand: critical decisions must be made about the long-term health, competitiveness, and vitality of the enterprise — truly, the future of work.

    The Benefits of Expense Management Software for Your Remote Workforce

    When you consider that your team won’t be right down the hall, it’s much more important to use expense management software for small business to keep things running smoothly.

    Your Job Will Still Be Around in the Next Five Years. but This Is How the Robots Will Change Them

    The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered anxiety about job availability for many people, especially when the rise of new tech is in the mix

    10 Critical Competencies For Today’s Workforce

    Here are 10 critical competencies required to be successful in today’s digital economy.

    Revealing, Building and Emerging: We Need to Take a More Biological View of Technology

    Our future will be shaped by our own choices, which is why we need to abandon our illusions of control. We need to shift from an engineering mindset, where we try to optimize for a limited set of variables and take a more biological view, growing and shaping ecosystems of talent, technology, information and cultural norms.

    Digital Transformation: 3 Post-Pandemic Challenges To Address

    As the world emerges from the pandemic, 2021 may be the most consequential year yet for digital transformations. Take a bird’s-eye view of your enterprise and tech needs, plan for both the short-term and long-term, and communicate with your employees at every step of the way.

    The Future Of Selling Driven By The Future Of Work!

    As we see more organizations move to permanent work from home or other more flexible workplaces, how we want to sell/engage becomes less important than the pragmatic, how does the customer want to engage.

    5 Ways to Incentivize and Motivate Your Remote Team

    There are multiple ways to incentivize a remotely distributed team and some of them may even surprise you.