Future of Work

The Art Of Asynchronous: Optimizing Efficiency In Remote Teams

Asynchronous communication is defined by messages that aren’t shared or received in real-time. Building an organization-wide communication strategy that maximizes asynchronous methods brings lasting benefits to companies of all sizes.

Upskilling 2.0: Investing In The Workforce Of Tomorrow

Upskilling in a world of accelerated digitisation is necessary for building the workforce of tomorrow. And it’s not only about educating your own workers, it’s about supporting staff of smaller businesses as well. As more success stories surface, we will see more and more similar upskilling initiatives emerge.

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We Need To Rethink Technology For The 21st Century

We are on the brink of a new era of innovation in which we will need to rethink technology once again. Much like a century ago, we are developing new, far more powerful technologies that will change how we organize work, identify problems and collaborate to solve them. We will have to change how we compete and even redefine prosperity itself.

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  • What To Do When The Jobs Are Gone

    In the future, human potential becomes preeminent in a society that’s sane, humane and ecological (SHE). It recognizes that people’s energies and skills are essential renewable resources compared to the unrenewable resources required for capital-intensive plans.

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    Incomplete WFH Change Management Puts Companies At Risk

    Remote work is on the rise as company after company is announcing that their work from home contingency plan has now extended into a semi-permanent or permanent workplace flexibility model. But is the distribution of a workforce the same as operating as a fully distributed company?

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    Disruptive Technologies To Watch Out For In 2021

    The year 2021 foresees a promising and potential role of technology to deliver a paradigm shift in the business operation models. These game-changing technologies have the promise to impact businesses and consumers alike with their disruptive potential.

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    Outlook: What Skills Are Crucial For Future Employment?

    Covid-19 has unfortunately triggered one of the worst employment crises since the Great Depression. The world of work is changing and developing new skills is the only way to keep pace with this change.

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    This Is the Future Of Remote Work In 2021

    The world witnessed a historic shift in the 2020 job market due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, it is just the beginning as we see the trend continuing in 2021.

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    We Need To Rethink Agility For The Post-Digital Age

    Over the past few decades agility has become a defining competitive attribute. Because the fundamentals of digital technology have been so well understood, much of the value has shifted to applications and things like design and user experience. Yet that will change in the years ahead.

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    The Contactless Workplace: Smart Tech Solutions Take Us Into The Future

    The office of the future is quantified, with intelligent technological solutions ensuring that we develop new skills and optimise our performance at work

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    Budgeting for Cyber Security post-COVID: Three Golden Rules for the C-Suite

    CEOs, CFOs and CIOs should not jump to ready-made conclusions around cyber security ahead of their next budgeting round. Here are three golden rules for them to consider as they plan ahead.

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    Remote Work: 6 Ways Struggling Managers Can Reset

    If you are finding remote management more difficult than in-house, consider these six processes. Strengthening your core management skills may help alleviate some of the challenges you face.

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