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Top IoT Trends in 2019

The Internet of things is anything related to devices which are connected to the internet. We all are surrounded by such devices in our routine life. This is the reason why IoT development trends have shown remarkable growth in recent years. The continuous explorations by IoT development companies are the reason behind the constant changes in the Internet of Things Trends. Here are Top IoT trends in 2019. These Internet-of-Things trends in 2019 will surely upheave our lifestyle in some new surprising ways.

Will Edge Computing IIoT solutions be a real trend in 2019?

The benefits of using Edge Computing / Machine Learning solutions are very attractive to manufacturers because allows minimize latency, conserve network bandwidth, operate reliably with quick decisions, collect and secure a wide range of data, and move data to the best place for processing with better analysis and insights of local data. The ROI in such IIoT Solutions is very attractive. But they will never get these benefits if they do not step up and change your outdated attitude and start soon their IIoT journey aimed at to provide tangible and innovative business value.

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IoT’s Real Impact on Business

As the adoption of IoT began to ramp up, more things became apparent — particularly regarding the benefits it can offer the average operation. By utilizing the data collected and transmitted from connected devices, companies have seen unprecedented efficiency and cost improvements, but also many boons to oversight. These changes are largely positive, and they’re reported across all industries, from manufacturing to modern health care. However, all this change means the entire business world is in a constant state of flux, and it will stay that way, at least for the foreseeable future.

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  • Ambient Intelligence — The Ultimate IoT Use Cases

    Ready to learn Internet of Things? Browse courses like Internet of Things (IoT) Training developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. An Ambient Intelligence revolution is coming.   Mobile To Ambient Intelligence In the past ten years, we’ve witnessed an astonishing mobile computing revolution. Smartphone installation base is expected to reach 6 billion by

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    Are Prescriptive Applications IIoT Nirvana?

    Success requires a direct link between analytics and positive process outcomes. This requires a closed-loop process. One that enhances application intelligence based on analytic insights. This is what I call Prescriptive Applications. Prescriptive Applications integrate analytics to dynamically change application content, access, and workflow. If something broke, fix it. But be aware that the process can be a complex journey. Prescriptive Applications enable a closed loop process to optimize outcomes based on integrated insights from analytics-descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. So, Prescriptive Applications provide a complete solution. While IIoT faces many challenges, could Prescriptive Applications be a key missing piece?


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    The Ever-Changing IoT Standards Landscape: What Will 2019 Hold?

    IoT Analytics, one of the most active market insights and competitive intelligence firms covering and reporting on the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Industry 4.0, earlier this year published two comprehensive market report updates on IoT Platforms, including a 193-page report titled IoT Platforms Market Report 2018-2023. Their research indicated the IoT Platform market will

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    5G and smart cities trends for 2019

     The next generation cellular network 5G took off at a phenomenal rate over the past year, with major telecommunications and mobile operators rolling out tests and trials of the fifth generation mobile system. Although this year did not yet see vast adoption of the network, a number of mobile operators are expected to roll out

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    IoT Opens Gates to New Recurring Billing and Usage-Based Pricing Opportunities

    The numbers speak for themselves. According to one survey, 38% of IoT businesses generate at least half of their revenue from their hardware, with the rest of their revenue derived from the complementary services. Within the next few years, that same percentage will be generating at least half of their income from services, with a lower

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    How banks can create a successful IoT strategy

    Evidently, the whole of the emerging smart universe is greater than the sum of its ingenious parts. From assembly lines of chassis and frugal thinking such as the rear view convex mirror, to integration with modern technologies such as GPS and complex engineering behind dashboards, incremental innovations have been making automobiles smarter for over a

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    Three critical data considerations for IoT analytics success

    Analytics is inextricably linked to digital transformation efforts. It’s reasonable to say that without analytics, digital transformation is unlikely to be successful. With IoT-generated data rapidly increasing, businesses must have a clear picture of their desired outcomes in order to ensure that the analytics technology used to gain insight from that data is aligned with business needs. Any complete implementation of IoT analytics will require hundreds of decisions, but there are three vital ones that profoundly shape the optimal architecture for a business.

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    How to Better Manage Data Across Devices

    Bringing new technologies and devices aboard is non-negotiable for businesses these days. Whether it’s cloud computing for data access or a new productivity app that keeps every member of a team safe, technology is helping us do more with less — and remain profitable as competition heats up. But the data powering today’s business technology

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    Resolving IoT Security Issues with Blockchain Technology

    The potentials that exist in the application of blockchain technology and the Internet of Things are huge. This article comes with an emphasis on network security. IoT Illustration: Blockchain technology has seen increasing adoption in recent years. It is appreciated by many people for its role as providing an underlying framework for Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other

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