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Top 9 Logistics Industry Trends & Innovations in 2021

In the last couple of years, increasing technological advances have been causing giant waves in various industries, and the logistics industry is not an exception. In fact, this sector has probably benefited the most by implementing new logistics trends.  Did you know? As per the recent development stat, by 2023, the logistics market will expand

How Mobile Apps Impact the Internet of Things (IoT)

In one way or the other, IoT devices are becoming a part of our everyday lives. And much of its credit goes to the mobile apps. Mobile apps act as the mediator between the IoT devices and the users.

Cyber Security: There Are Still Problems at the Top

Fewer than one third of business leaders rate key components of their company’s IT security as excellent, and broadly they have low confidence in the organisation’s ability to deliver the fundamentals.

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  • The 5 Most Important Requirements for an IoT Project

    Looking at jumping on the IoT bandwagon? Whether you have a concrete use case addressing an unambiguous business need or just are curious about how this (not so) new technology can help improve your operations, the first step is the same as any other project: figure out what you need. Sounds simple right? This post

    The Power of Why

    Let’s talk about the importance of Why and what it represents.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Why as “the cause, reason, or purpose for which.”   Asking Why gets at the cause of the problem.  The Test Automation Engineer (TAE) already knows the effect.  The automation produced a failure.  Something did not go according to plan. 

    The 3 Biggest Mistakes The Board Can Make Around Cyber Security

    The protection of the business from cyber threats is something you need to grow, not something you can buy

    How Edge Technologies Pave The Way For IT-OT Convergence

    What is edge AI, and how is it a step change for edge computing? Why does it make sense for IT and operations?

    Closing The Cyber Skills Gap Will Take New Technologies In Addition To New Talent

    Though the cybersecurity “skills gap” should be an issue of the past, it remains a problem companies across industries still struggle to solve.

    Impact Of 5G Technology On Cybersecurity

    As newer capabilities are made possible with 5G, there is an imminent need to focus on devices and applications’ security.

    Security Trends To Prepare For In 2021

    Here are seven insights and predictions about how security will be at the forefront of technology at every level, starting with each individual chip, in 2021.

    How To Cyber Protect Your IoT Devices

    Read how to cyber protect your smart devices before you become a victim of hacking today.

    4 Vertical Use Cases For Edge Computing Driven By IoT Growth

    There are a few challenges to IoT data storage and consumption that many large enterprises are running into. Luckily, edge computing has the ability to face those problems head-on.