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How IoT Strengthens The Value of Mobile Apps?

IoT has come with fast-paced and different value additions. Similarly, for enterprises, IoT mobile apps are indeed robust connected solutions with a gamut of advantages.

How To Visualize Your Nested IoT Data In 3D Using Spark And Power BI

Storing and visualizing IoT data is usually a standard task, but getting nested IoT data as a “matrix” per message with corresponding vectors is not as straightforward as usual.

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Top 5 Benefits of Java In IoT Systems Development

Implementation of IoT requires many considerations, as it deals with multiple data streams, and that’s where Java comes into the picture. Java’s versatility, flexibility, and reliability allow it to adapt to IoT system development with minimal resources and efforts.

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  • Part 8: IoT Connectivity: Digital Transformation Debts post-Covid-19

    This is Part 8 of the ten-part series on Digital Transformation Debt. The post-Covid-19 era is a connected world! All industries are accelerating their Digital Transformation initiatives and IoT is a critical technology for DX. Here are recommendations for alleviating IoT Digital Transformation Debt.

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    5 IoT Trends To Watch in 2021

    With a pandemic fueled 2020, digital transformation accelerated rapidly, and with increased connectivity, thanks to 5G and faster WiFi and improvements in AI and machine learning, IoT looks set to deepen its roots in our lives and industries.

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    IoT and COVID-19

    As governments scramble to address problems post COVID-19, different solutions based on technologies like IoT have sprung up to help in dealing with this worldwide health crisis. As a result, COVID-19 may well have been the ultimate catalyst of the Internet of Things

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    3 Ways IoT Can Help Distributors

    When companies shut down operations when the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year, the manufacturing industry was among the hardest hit, with an 11 year low in both employment and new orders. While many distributors and warehouses are continuing to reopen with new guidelines in place, they’re likely looking to make up for lost time. This is

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    Intelligent Process Automation of Things (IPAoT)

    IoT is about the connectivity of increasingly intelligent devices through sensors and actuators. Intelligent Process Automation of Things (IPAoT) is the next phase in the evolution of IoT! Connectivity of devices in our homes, offices, and industries is ubiquitous.

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    What You Need to Know About IoT Enabled Management and Its Benefits

    Every space and corner where the internet goes, IoT networks 🖧will tag along. The idea is to orchestrate a smart network of IoT devices that enables the society to not only better tackle the contingencies of pandemics such as COVID-19 but also make existing business operations much more efficient.

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    How AI and IoT devices revolutionize Supply Chain Logistics and Management?

    The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence disrupt logistics and transportation management by making logistics operations smarter day by day.

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    Top IoT Applications in a Connected Healthcare Industry

    Healthcare sector is excited to see where IOT-enabled devices will take them next to, where applications, wearables, and smart connected devices become as ordinary as taking a pill.

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    Why 5G Matters to IoT and High Tech

    This article demystifies misconceptions of 5G that is coming and it is going to significantly impact the Internet of Things (IoT) and high tech industries. The companies that embrace it will be the ones that will be able to drive new growth and revenue opportunities in the future.

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