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Developing IoT Privacy as a Value Proposition

Companies offering services based on connected devices will increasingly have access to significant amounts of highly granular data about consumers and their connected devices. This trend is heightening privacy-related concerns about the way that such data might be used and the potential for consumers to be harmed. Policy makers and business organizations that have an interest in the long-term viability of the IoT market also need to ensure that consumers are not ruthlessly exploited under apparently beneficial situations. Through this perspective, concepts of trust and stewardship related to the use of private data can be developed into new and appealing value propositions.

The Importance of an Open Digital Ecosystem in IIoT

IIoT project failures are rampant. For many, failures are a direct result of poor information sharing and inefficient collaboration. Frustration builds with customer and partners. Leading to cost increases, limited adoption, and reduced potential ROI. The promise of IIoT requires frictionless (but secure) ecosystem access to information. When information flows within digital ecosystems, each business entity wins. The new digital world is complex. It challenges many long held beliefs about competitors, data sharing, and value propositions. Your new digital relationships will be different than prior relationships. Be open and transparent. Engage your customers and partners, and everybody wins.

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How IoT is changing insurance

Ready to learn Internet of Things? Browse courses like Internet of Things (IoT) Training developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. The insurance industry is rapidly evolving away from its traditional model of assessing future risks and pricing based on historical records and demographics (age, gender and the like). For decades, underwriters relied

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  • Your IIoT Analytics are Just Numbers (Unless You Solve a Business Problem)

    Ready to learn Internet of Things? Browse courses like IIoT Applications for Machine Learning developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. A reporting tool provides us reports about our key business metrics including revenue, service events, average resolution time, and more. Does it give you insights that allow you to impact those numbers?

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    Staying Green Using IIoT in Commercial Landscaping

    IIoT is truly ubiquitous. It impacts everything from factories to construction equipment to the plants in our office. It turns out the commercial landscaping maintenance management market is a big business. Some might ask, why all this greenery? Studies show interior office plants contribute to employee productivity and satisfaction, not to mention the fact that greenery can increase commercial property value up to 15%. Green walls and roofs, commercial landscapes, and interior plantscapes are like other commercial assets in that they need regular maintenance. 

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    Pressure to innovate pushes change agents toward mixed reality pilots

    Companies are under increasing pressure to constantly innovate, often guided by a digital transformation or corporate innovation charter that is mandated by the C-suite, supported by middle management guidance and executed by grassroots “intra-preneurs.” This mounting pressure can serve as both a blessing and a curse for survival. Change agents strive to not only brainstorm the next big idea that will push the company into a new era of technology revolution, but also simultaneously hide their efforts from colleagues and other departments in order to get the glory of being the smartest person in the room.

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    How to Develop an IoT Strategy for Your Supply Chain Security

    Ready to learn Internet of Things? Browse courses like Internet of Things (IoT) Training developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. As originally seen on Supply & Demand Chain Management. Security has always been a challenge for supply chain professionals. They’ve been dealing with issues like theft, damage, contamination, and piracy, both in

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    Why Advanced Persistent Threats Are Targeting the Internet of Things

    IoT devices often have a number of vulnerabilities, both known and unknown. The number of IoT vulnerabilities is increasing, and users often fail to apply patches or install updates in a timely fashion, making it that much easier for attackers to compromise devices.

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    How machine learning streamlines location data with the Kalman filter

    The Kalman filter is an innovative data cleansing method. The filter has been randomly used for route and location corrections. The idea is that the filter recognizes sudden deviations from the average data and marks the possibility of that data being erroneous. The updated Kalman filter adds to the growing progress towards creating more and more value for industry 4.0 using the internet of things.

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    The Real Dilemma of Ethics and IoT

    Despite the ability to continuously collect data, is it possible to introduce the “gray thinking matter” into the IoT? Only humans can think like humans. The manner and extent to which ethics are applied defines our character and varies person to person. So, what could we do then to build ethics into the device that drives the trolley?

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    What’s Your #1 Cybersecurity Priority?

    Good cybersecurity hygiene is a requirement in our digital connected world. Threats are growing daily – from new IoT devices to employee and business partner exposures. While it’s clear that cybersecurity needs to be more mainstream, many executives just don’t know where to start. Begin with your business goals and objectives.

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    Can We Take People Out of Internet of Things Security?

    Ready to learn Internet of Things? Browse courses like Internet of Things (IoT) Training developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. How can we provide better security for Internet of Things (IoT) devices? Yevgeny Dibrov writes that cybersecurity can be improved solely with technology improvements. I disagree. Here’s why I believe removing people

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