How Magento Web Development Is The Best Choice For Your E-Commerce Site?

Written in PHP and an open-source platform, Magento is now the synonym for eCommerce development services. <strong>Magento web development has been kickstarting varying eCommerce business from the last few years that range from <strong>simple startups to big billion enterprises.

Yes, you read that right, and you need not take it for granted. Read the stats to confirm my propositions:

  • The soft drink giant Coca-Cola, the American motor company Ford, the MNC footwear firm Nike, and many more firms have chosen Magento as their eCommerce platform.
  • Magento holds a stunning 12% of the eCommerce market share despite the availability of multiple other frameworks in the market
  • Stats say that if you are running your business on Magento, then it will grow three times faster on average.

Owing to exceptional benefits, including open-source, PHP-based, and multiple secured payment options, the <strong>Magento web development services are suitable for any eCommerce platform. Multiple advantages give your business an edge over the competitors. Having it for your eCommerce website is as good as having a piece of cake over the weekend.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose Magento Web Development for your eCommerce platform

Cost Saving in Nature

Magento is an open-source platform, and its community edition is available at zero cost for your project. It reduces the overall cost of development to a greater extent for the web development of your business.

Having access to a complimentary Magento Community Edition means convenient installation and completion of the project in much lesser time. With the integration of multiple modules, your website can have distinctive features required for the platform’s smooth functioning.

Combined with open source tools, the eCommerce website can be developed to offer mind-blowing robust performance to the visitors. It also has tons of library modules that can get effectively used for project completion.

On-demand M-Commerce

With 50% of internet traffic generated from mobile devices, the mobile commerce market is growing tremendously. The development of mobile-responsive designs to support multiple screen sizes has been made plausible by using HTML5 technology over the platform.

Image scaling and video support options ensure that you don’t get behind in the race of wooing clients for any product.

A significant level of Customization

Your eCommerce platform must look unique and elegant to the visitors. A regular looking shelf product fails to please visitors as they see it as just one among the multiple options.

An optimum customization level with reinventing the digital platform’s overall appearance is plausible when you opt for Magento eCommerce website development. The developer’s team can even modify the categories section to offer a refreshing appeal to the visitors.

Thus, your site’s elegance can be designed according to the products and target audience, ensuring personalization for them. 47% of visitors judge the website’s credibility based on its design, so Customization plays a vital role in your business growth.

It may be noted that 100% customization is not feasible, but it offers you enough to stand out in the crowd.

A well-secured platform

A high level of security is a desired feature for any digital development. However, it becomes a primary factor when the website is meant to generate revenue. With 68% of the data breach occurring on the digital platform choosing a secured platform is the foremost step for <strong>escaping fraudulence.

Magento allows easier integration of SSL certifications that makes your platform safe and secure for the shoppers. With multiple plugins of payment gateways and 3rd party extensions, the shopaholics feel confident buying from your digital platform.

Search Engine Optimization friendly

SEO is a top-notch practice used by many firms to ensure greater visibility of products and services to potent clients. Magento eCommerce development comes with SEO friendly URLs, tags, descriptions, etc.

It ensures captivating audience reach for your eCommerce platform boosting business and building brand simultaneously as users tend to judge a website’s credibility with its rank over the search engine.

Simple third-party integrations

An eCommerce portal requires several third-party plugins and tools to enable the optimum performance of the site. Some of them include logistics-based, order tracking management, shipping, etc.

The Magento platform allows quick and simple integration of multiple plugins to facilitate the clients’ incredible user experience. Furthermore, plugins necessary to understand the business’s growth and performance, such as Google Analytics, can also be integrated, ensuring an easy understanding.

Remarkable Scalability

Magento is a suitable option for small and big enterprises as it offers remarkable flexibility for scalable solutions. So, when your business grows, you need not worry about catering to a broader audience over the digital platform.

The scalability of Magento 2 lies in its modular structure.The module plan allows you to start with any number of products you want to trade-in. Later on, as the business grows, you can add multiple more modules to cater to a broader audience.

So, a business with a defined budget can start without having to buy unnecessary modules.

Matured Community of Solution Providers

It has been more than a decade since the release of the open-source platform and has garnered a mature community of developers across the world. Several companies use technology for fulfilling the web development dreams of the clients.

Thus, as far as the community support is concerned, there’s plenty of it for Magento.

Ideal for Clients all over the world

Magento comes with the stunning feature of multiple layouts and stores views to suit clients worldwide. It means you can have a different store layout for other nations.

You can rely on diverse themes and templates to generate a refreshing outlook for multiple stores. Having all of it from a single admin panel makes it convenient for you to manage the business.

Compatible with emerging Technologies

Magento is compatible with changing trends that ensure its reliability for web development. As for now, it is offering customized notifications for business clients. The integration of Chatbots and Machine learning CRM for your business will be noticeable technology upgrades you can opt for.

Adobe Sensei-a powerful AI engine powers the product recommendations of Magento Commerce. Thus, with Magento Commerce, you can stay ahead in the competition.

Over to You

Magento is an ideal choice for eCommerce development. Owing to the striking features that allow multiple store management and cost reduction in website development, millions of companies opt for it.

Magento web development companies are effectively transforming eCommerce dreams into reality at an affordable rate. You can connect with them for yours.

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