Machine Learning & The Impact on Industries

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Machine Learning is a hot topic for today’s technology and is rapidly growing day by day.

We are using it for our daily life applications without even knowing it. This series will present the diversified application of Machine Learning in Oil and Gas, Education, E-Commerce, and the Manufacturing industry.

Big Data, Cloud & DevOps

How Are AI, Big Data, And Advanced Analytics Transforming The Ecommerce Industry?

Thanks to the digital transformation driven by disruptive technologies like AI and Big Data, the eCommerce landscape is rapidly evolving to cater to the changing customer needs and behavior. Here is how technologies like AI, Big Data, and Data Analytics can transform the eCommerce landscape:.

AI & Machine Learning

How AI Can Transform Manufacturing Industry

As computing power and innovative technological capabilities grow day by day, with AI manufacturers will make a quicker automated decision, realize vaster scalability, and facilitate faster and deeper product development.

AI & Machine Learning

Applications of Machine Learning in Education

Machine learning methods are used in a wide range of areas. In this post, I will discuss a few of the ways that machine learning is used within the education space – specifically K-12. Machine learning has the potential of making a significant impact in this space, so let’s look at some of those areas. 

AI & Machine Learning

How Machine Learning Can Improve Telecommunications

Few industries are as primed to be radically improved by Machine Learning as the Telecoms industry. About 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars is forecast to be spent globally on telecom services in 2018.

AI & Machine Learning

Data and AI’s Takeover of Oil and Gas

The AI market specifically for oil and gas is expected to reach USD 2.85 billion by 2022. It's growing fast as more companies realize the potential of the technology. Artificial intelligence is being used to discover new gas and crude oil sources, optimize various industrial processes such as the transport of raw oil and even make more positive environmental decisions. How are oil and gas companies putting AI technologies to use in today’s market? To break it down, we're going to take a look at the three most important sectors in oil and gas: upstream, midstream and downstream applications.

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