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No Data Engineers, No Problem: How a Small Data Science Team Can Standardize and Centralize Data with a Data Library

Introduction Access to and control of data is one of the biggest challenges faced by data analysts and data scientists.  Creative, persistent analysts find ways to get access to at least some of this data but doing that efficiently in a way that is also standardized and centralized for everyone on the team is difficult.

AI in Five, Fifty, and Five Hundred Years

Introduction Prediction is a tricky business. You have to step outside of your comfort zone, your fainted vision of the world and see it thorough across all possible dimensions. In this series, we will discuss the future of “AI”, applications that are yet unexplored.

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Ethics of Emerging Technologies

Introduction: Humans are wired to make tough decisions bringing all the context and principles to bear. Similarly, can devices apply the available information to make the right judgment calls? In this series, we shall discuss some ethical dilemmas faced by emerging technologies.

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  • How to Become a Data Scientist

    Introduction: Certain skill sets suit certain positions better than others, and this is why the path to data science is not uniform and can be via a diverse range of fields such as statistics, computer science and other scientific disciplines. This series aims to present 3 aspects of ‘How to become a Data Scientist’ starting

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    Learning AI If You Suck At Math

    Introduction: “You really don’t need maths to get started with AI”. Follow the empirical path of trial and error, it’s a slow process but with passion and interest, you can see progress. In this series, you will find “ How can you progress in AI if you lack mathematics skills.

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    A Beginner’s Guide to SQL

    Introduction: Storage of unstructured data has always posed many challenges in terms of maintaining consistency between structured and unstructured data, managing backup/restore procedure, performance issues, scalability. This series shall discuss the use of Filestream to store unstructured data and how to create a sequence in an SQL server.

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    Scaling ML from Zero to Millions of Users

    Introduction: A small number of machine learning models fail quickly, some look promising and demonstrate a level of predictive power. Then testing and deploying them in a production environment is another challenge where they either fail or prove their worth. This series shall demonstrate how to train and scale up ML models from humble beginnings

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    Blockchain’s Role in the Product Supply Chain

    Introduction: Blockchain in the spine of the digital supply chain. It helps the consumers and organizations end to end right from tracking their product from pickup to its final destination. This series shall discuss the crucial role Blockchain plays in the product supply chain and Hybrid(On-chain+Of-chain) system.

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    The Future of Emerging Technologies in Healthcare

    Introduction The world is getting increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but healthcare has still not made it to the top of the priority list.However, recent advancements in technology routine checkups, healthy lifestyles, and cost-effective healthcare are becoming a reality. This series shall discuss the role of emerging technologies in transforming the

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    The Impact of Fintech on Industries & Technology

    Money and technology go hand in hand. The financial sector received a big boost due to technological integration. In this series, you will find blogs that aim to explain the blend of Blockchain and AI with Fintech and its impact on other industries and technologies.

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    The Ultimate Guide to NLP

    NLP- a subfield of AI that helps machine understand a natural human language is an important tool for organizations that deals with a large number of unstructured texts and other forms of data. Inculcation of NLP tools can help organizations analyze, procure worthy insights, and automate. This series shall discuss key components of NLP/NLG and

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    Machine Learning & The Impact on Industries

    Machine Learning is a hot topic for today’s technology and is rapidly growing day by day. We are using it for our daily life applications without even knowing it. This series will present the diversified application of Machine Learning in Oil and Gas, Education, E-Commerce, and the Manufacturing industry.

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