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The Ultimate Guide to Algorithmic Trading

Sophisticated algorithms are already dominating our everyday life through traffic lights, train schedules, Facebook newsfeed and more. About 70-80% of overall trading volume is generated through Algorithmic training. In this series, you will find the resources and skills required for Algorithmic trading, the application of AI for trading, and the Future of Algorithmic trading.

HR in the World of AI, Big Data, & Predictive Analytics

Employee productivity is a major factor in your company’s success and ability to grow. Data can help surface the apparently invisible, but stronger undercurrents of human behavior. This series aims to unleash the impact of AI, Big Data, and Predictive Analysis on Human Resources.

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Big Data Risks & Threats for Organizations in the 21st Century

Today, every industry uses Big Data as a powerful tool to serve various different purposes. It is very crucial for them to grasp the possibility that if deployed carelessly, the negative impact of its real possibility. This series shall discuss the negative impacts, major threats, and risks and how it can affect a business’s performance.

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Beginners

    In the last several years, the obsession for Machine learning has swept over all technologies and businesses. Machine learning has become one of the most important tools for companies to solve various kinds of problems. In this series, you will come across a Beginner and Non-technical guide on ML, Coding Deep learning, and differences between

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    The Potential of Blockchain: Trends, Use-Cases, & Applications

    We are witnessing a paradigm shift regarding data. The blockchain Ecosystem is expanding and is also one of the most secured networks conceived technology mechanism of trust. This series aims to discover ‘The potential of Blockchain’. This will range from the potential solutions, challenges and latest trends.

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    A Beginner’s Guide to Neural Networks

    It could be argued that one of the most influental technologies of the past decades is (artificial) neural networks. Artificial neural networks is the fundamental piece of deep learning algorithms and machine learning. In this series, you will find beginner-friendly blogs which aim to explain what neural networks are, the pros and cons of neural

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    Business Intelligence: Tableau VS The World

    Introduction While there are many business intelligence and visualization tools available today, Tableau has consistently been ranked as one of the leaders in the data visualization space. In this series, you will find Tableau being compared to many of the other leading visualization tools in the market such as Power BI, QlikView, Pentaho, MicroStrategy, &

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    How to Get Into Data Science – Beginner Guide

    Data has shown that there is a growing Data Science talent shortage. Organizations are having a hard time finding the right talent for their data science roles. In this series, you will find several blogs which aim to address the question of ‘how to get into data science?’. This will range from mastering the data

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