The Potential of Blockchain: Trends, Use-Cases, & Applications

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We are witnessing a paradigm shift regarding data.

The blockchain Ecosystem is expanding and is also one of the most secured networks conceived technology mechanism of trust. This series aims to discover ‘The potential of Blockchain’. This will range from the potential solutions, challenges and latest trends.

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Big data & Blockchain – An Unbeatable Match
Everywhere there are smart devices collecting and sharing data. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be more than 50 billion such devices. Can you imagine the amount of data that will be produced in the upcoming years?According to the recent findings by Statista, it is predicted that 50.5 zettabytes of data will be
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Blockchain Reshaping & Redefining The Banking Industry

Blockchain can solve a lot of issues continually faced by banks and financial organizations nowadays. It could bring changes to everything from payments to online appointment scheduling software. It provides a high level of security in storing and transforming data at low costs through an open and transparent network infrastructure. The traditionally centralized, conservative, and restricted banking sector has now started using blockchain technology more than any other institutions. The change of the bank's clearinghouse or centralized ledger to blockchain's distributed ledger could redefine the banking industry.

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Five Blockchain Trends for You to Consider this Year

For blockchain technology to achieve wide-scale adoption, a decentralised ecosystem has to be developed. To achieve a decentralised society, many more components need to be built, requiring global standards and large investments.  Apart from the different industry layers that need to be developed, we will also continue to see new distributed ledger technologies and more exciting decentralised applications. With the blockchain ecosystem evolving, new applications and technologies come into play as well. Therefore, here are five blockchain trends that you should consider in the coming year.

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Solving Challenges in Developing Countries with Blockchain Technology
In the future, the blockchain can also be a development vehicle empowering people directly and mitigating power asymmetries. The governments of underdeveloped countries should support the implementation of applications to benefit general development.
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How Can Blockchain Solve the Shortcomings of Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics, as an evolving domain based on Big Data and AI, requires a considerable amount of information for training the model. Sometimes, locally, this is scarce or unscalable, but imagine putting together data from thousands of similar users. Suddenly, the lack of data is no longer a problem and patterns emerge more easily. This gives a real chance to smaller companies, like start-ups, to take advantage of the blockchain model for their operations and use the data generated in the process as a by-product to feed various prediction models. 

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