How Fintech Is Changing Banking and Financial Services

The financial sector is changing. Brick and mortar institutions are giving way to new Fintech solutions. These are reshaping the very way we do finance.

How Automation Maximizes The Efficiency Of Lending

Loan automation systems help to get away from the long complex process of approving an application — something that’s been a major inconvenience for ages. It offers speed to the processing of borrowers’ applications and increases the number of loans issued.

How Automation Improves The Debt Collection Process

The nature of a debt collection process asks for a very sensitive approach. Collectors must become more customer-centric. Especially during hard times of today. With automation, the domain of collection can smooth the process of debt recovery and make it more humanistic.

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  • The Pros and Cons of Starting a Peer-To-Peer Lending Business

    P2P loan platforms have become a large part of the financial market offering attractive investing tools to private individuals and seasoned investors. One of the reasons for such growth is credit deficit. Crisis, pandemic, or whatever it might be, population and businesses still need to get small loans, while traditional institutions still decline them

    How Automation Improves Compliance In Lending

    The digital bank of tomorrow will embed financial transparency at the core of its business, and that answers the question of why investments in digital transformation are so important today.

    Digital Loan Origination Process: Integrity and Automation

    When talking about challenges in the lending industry, one must realize that the adoption of automated loan underwriting procedures is a challenge in itself. But as the competition is getting tougher, efficient software deployment strategy means the difference between a growing client account portfolio and just making ends meet.

    Lending Platforms in Automotive Finance

    Now it’s time for all players to re-think what the new industry’s dynamics will mean for them. In tune with modern environmental trends, lenders can switch their product lines from classic automobiles to electric cars equipped with solar panels.

    Digital Transformation in Banking & Finance

    What is digital banking itself? To put it briefly, the transformation introduces technology to the business processes and services of a financial institution, allowing them to deliver all their operations online.

    How To Improve Credit Risk Management: AI For Banking

    There is no doubt that credit risk management with AI becomes a key area for banks and financial organizations. It solves practically all issues caused by traditional scorecards improving banking workflow.

    How Secure Is Blockchain Tech? Thoughts From A Digital Forensics Firm

    Improved security is one of the many use cases for blockchain technology. Before we dig into how blockchain will revolutionize the digital security industry, it would help us understand what the technology does.

    What’s The Difference Between Predictive Analytics & AI?

    Both AI and predictive analytics are two terms frequently heard together. But what do they mean precisely, and what’s the connection between them? And more importantly, how can you harness the power of AI and predictive analytics for financial software in your business. Let’s find out.

    Banking Today: Risk Management With AI

    Risk management demands more attention and stricter practices. If companies wish to achieve higher organizational agility, they need to embrace innovation and view FinTechs as key contributors to the bottom line.