Top 12 AI Use Cases: Artificial Intelligence in FinTech

Before AI and the rise of FinTech, very few industry giants had the bandwidth to deal with the inherently quantitative nature of our now tech-savvy world. These AI use cases detail how AI has been a game-changer for FinTech.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Blockchain

Blockchain Depends on its Community. A strong link is forming between the two most powerful emerging technologies of the decade. On one side is AI, the data-hungry machine that is replacing humans at breakneck speed. On the other is Blockchain’s trustless systems – not where trust doesn’t exist, but where trust isn’t a variable; it’s

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How Blockchain is Transforming Healthcare industry

Nowadays, Blockchain technology has been widely used in healthcare for audit trails. However, it has the potential to be used for more comprehensive applications, especially with the emergence of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

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  • Education in Blockchain and DLT: How to Acquire the Necessary Knowledge with a Workload of 10 Working Days

    Working at a university, dozens of people ask us: “How can I get in blockchain? What do I have to read?” Therefore, we now took the time and developed a 10-day program to onboard people interested in blockchain and DLT. The adoption of blockchain technology gets more and more widespread. Therefore, it is essential —

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    How Blockchain technology is Transforming the Business

    With blockchain, digital contracts can be stored in transparent, shared databases and protected from deletion, tampering, and revision. In addition to facilitating secure international trade transactions, blockchain also has the potential to be used for financing. so in this blog, I covered how Enterprise blockchain technology is changing the way business functions and delivering opportunities for trust, growth, and compliance. Blockchain and digital currencies will make business processes faster, secure and efficient to build a strong economy.

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    Blockchain Technology and COVID-19

    With Blockchain we can share any transaction / information, real time, between relevant parties present as nodes in the chain, in a secure and immutable fashion. In this case, had there been a blockchain where WHO, Health Ministry of each country and may be even relevant nodal hospitals of each country, were connected, sharing real time information, about any new communicable disease, then the world might have woken up much earlier. We might have seen travel restrictions given sooner, quarantining policies set sooner and social distancing implemented faster. And may be fewer countries would have got impacted.

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    Blockchain’s role in bridging the global skills gap

    The skills gap will continue to impact the economies of every business. The only way to bridge the gap is by constantly educating your workforce and hiring candidates who have the skills to operate in your working environment. You can also make a learning curve with various courses for your employees and then provide them with certifications on completion of every course. They can then upload their certifications on a blockchain platform. Thus, by incorporating blockchain in education, organizations can encourage proactive learning from their employees and place them in the driver’s seat of their learning.

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    Decentralized Finance (DeFi): What Do You Need To Know?

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become a trending topic in the blockchain community. In contrast to the decentralization of money through Bitcoin, Decentralized Finance aims for a broader approach of generally decentralizing the traditional financial industry. The core of the initiative is to open traditional financial services to everyone, in providing a permissionless financial service ecosystem based on blockchain infrastructure. Overall, the blockchain-powered space of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is still nascent but offers a compelling value proposition whereby individuals and institutions make use of broader access to financial applications without the need for a trusted intermediary.

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    Implementing Blockchain Projects in Banks

    The findings of this paper indicate that the main fields of application for blockchain technology in the financial industry are trade finance, capital markets, payments, and identity management. Innovation competence can be embedded in an organization via a centralized structure, decentralized structure, or hybrid structure combining properties of both. Furthermore, this paper has outlined the benefits of different organizational forms of blockchain projects. Banks mainly join small or large private consortia in order to share costs, R&D resources and attain a substantial market power. 

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    Blockchain – the Networked Ecosystem is the Business

    A few weeks ago I attended two back-to-back blockchain events in Toronto, – the Blockchain Research Institute All-Member Summit followed by the inaugural Blockchain Revolution Global conference.  Both events included a number of excellent talks and panels.  One of the presentations I particularly enjoyed was Scaling Blockchain for the Enterprise: Emerging Business Models, by IBM’s Andrew Martin and Smitha Soman.  Their presentation was based on their

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    RPA can help banks in regulator complaince

    RPA has quickly become an important technological innovation that is going a long way to make a difference in the Indian banking sector. Some banks have already adopted RPA in their banking practices and, with the help of FinTech, are defining the future of banking.RPA combines automation with artificial intelligence to successfully assist in the effective dispensation of banking activities to manage banking activities, as well as to help banks comply more closely with regulators.

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    How Should Companies Select a Specific Blockchain Framework?

    The terms distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain are often used synonymously. In this paper, four different DLTs were examined for the use in a permissioned scenario to help companies to select the right technology. The four DLTs studied are Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum and the less popular solution Quasar. Since Quasar can be based on different infrastructures, the combination with Stellar was chosen for this consideration. The goal of this article is to support decision-makers and project managers by selecting a suitable DLT by illustrating the advantages and disadvantages of the various systems

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