Blockchain, Smart Cities, and the New Digital Economy

Blockchain technology can serve as the digital foundation for the smart cities of the future helping governments raise their attractiveness and amplify their competitiveness in the new digital economy where human capital and industry are vital to success. Governments that embrace blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to reform civil services will be rewarded with a robust and agile digital infrastructure built for the hyper-connected and digitally-based economy that enables the cultivation of productive ecosystems, better public services, lower costs, and improves sustainable outcomes for all.

Analysis of Blockchain Technology in the Mobility Sector

Blockchain technology encourages the building of ecosystems with many participants, who share similar interests but don’t trust each other because of the competition in the market. The shared blockchain ecosystem enables the cooperation of all parties and therefore leads to increasing efficiencies. With focus on the prolonging value chain of connected cars, a radical change is to be expected due to new emerging information technologies such as blockchain. This article provides a proposal for the evaluation and categorization of blockchain use cases, as well as a brief overview over promising use cases in the mobility sector and their challenges.

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Key things to know before launching a blockchain business

Starting a blockchain-based business is in many ways similar to starting any other business. You need to have a good product, excellent marketing, a skilful founding team, and – preferably – deep-pocketed investors. But blockchain makes a difference in how you get all these things. It provides companies with an unconventional way of attracting investor money through ICOs, and can improve business operations through efficient smart contracts, better cyber-security, and improved user privacy. These benefits aren’t only available to blockchain-focused companies, but to a large range of other businesses like manufacturers, retailers, and many others.

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  • Blockchain & Crypto Hype Cycle: Where We’re at and What’s Coming Next

    Nobody really knows precisely when blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will mature and reach mainstream adoption. What is becoming clearer, however, is that blockchain technology is on track to become a transformative and disruptive force. Yes, market conditions and sentiment are bad, there are many average projects out there, and some critical technological shortcomings still need to be overcome. If you zoom out a bit, get some perspective and put the current market into context, you’ll realize that blockchain is on a rather typical journey to maturity and mainstream adoption.

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    How to Get a Billion Dollar Business by Adopting Blockchain

    Blockchain & Bitcoin are not yet widely accepted by businesses across the globe. So, if you are a business owner and start using it now, you will have an upper hand over the others.   Bitcoin and Blockchain can help your business grow enormously. You may use it to raise funds for your business, as a great marketing technique for your business, as a new payment method for your client to pay in Bitcoins, sign contracts and stay ahead in the market.

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    What Can Blockchain Technology Do? And Future Challenges

    By enabling the digitization of assets, blockchain technology is driving a fundamental shift from the Internet of information, where we can instantly view, exchange and communicate information to the Internet of value, where we can instantly exchange assets. A new global economy of immediate value transfer is on its way, where big intermediaries no longer play a major role. Blockchain will profoundly disrupt hundreds of industries that rely on intermediaries, including banking, finance, academia, real estate, insurance, legal, healthcare and the public sector — amongst many others.

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    The Blockchain Value Framework

    The blockchain value framework is aimed at helping organizations identify the concrete value of blockchain technology in their use-case proposals and build a corresponding business case. The framework has three distinct dimensions: improved productivity and quality, increased transparency among parties, and reinventing products and processes.  Each dimension includes a distinct set of blockchain-enabling capabilities that provide a solution to a concrete pain point or present an area of opportunity. In addition, the framework will help identify where the real value will be created. 

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    Algorithms and blockchain are set to shape the future of finance

      The financial services industry has undergone a major transformation over the past few decades. Payment systems are digitized and banks and insurers rely on an array of software tools to serve their customers. But the transformation of this industry has only just begun. The future of finance is bound to be shaped by emerging

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    Best practice tips for adopting blockchain technology

      Following Dr Vince Ming’s Information Age blockchain guide for CTOs and tech leaders, he provides his best. As more use cases emerge, adopting blockchain technology will become a growing priority for CTOs, and equivalent positions, in end user organisations, ranging from property to retail. Adopting blockchain, as with any new technology, will be a

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    The blockchain guide for CTOs and tech leaders: suitability, adoption, regulation, hype and future predictions

    As use cases for the technology grows, every business and CTO, or equivalent, will need a blockchain guide to help them navigate unfamiliar territory CTOs and tech leaders need a blockchain guide. As the technology grows in potential, panelist and presenter at Tech Leaders Summit, Dr Vince Ming — chief regional director at FST Network and business advisor — helps

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    What’s the Difference Between Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology?

    A quick and simple answer to an important question. Even though they are different, the terms Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are often used interchangeably. This has led to a significant amount of confusion. So, what’s the difference? Distributed Ledgers A distributed ledger is a database of replicated, shared, and synchronized digital data that

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    CIOs can’t ignore these 5 realities of blockchain

    What would happen if a car automatically negotiated its own insurance rate, or if centralized banks were no longer necessary to verify payments? What if neighbors could buy energy directly from each other’s solar panels? What if a contract enforced its own clauses? These scenarios might seem overly futuristic, but the reality is that blockchain could make

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