Six Ways Financial Process Automation Improves Fintech Organizations

The term “Financial Process Automation” refers to making use of the latest technologies to streamline accounting and finance operations, helping to save time and to reduce labor and cost. As Fintech organizations focus on helping consumers and business owners manage their accounts and finances using specialized algorithms and software, they can really improve the whole process

Big data & Blockchain – An Unbeatable Match

Everywhere there are smart devices collecting and sharing data. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be more than 50 billion such devices. Can you imagine the amount of data that will be produced in the upcoming years?According to the recent findings by Statista, it is predicted that 50.5 zettabytes of data will be

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How Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed a lot in the past decade, but it’s about to go through another revolution, thanks in large part to blockchain. Yes, while most of us associate digital marketing with things like AI and analytics, blockchain may be the most disruptive technology yet to hit marketers in every industry. Blockchain is changing digital

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  • What advisers can learn from the industry’s early AI leaders

    Financial services firms will have to fundamentally reconsider how humans and machines interact, both within their firms and with customers, if they want to take advantage of artificial intelligence technology. To get a new AI program off to a successful start, firms should be bold in their vision, generate confidence from management with early success with easily achievable projects, emphasize organization-wide implementation of the technology and adopt governance structures such as cybersecurity and compliance to scale along with AI.

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    In Math We Trust. Do You? Or Should You?

    The technology behind blockchain is binary. A combination of network, cryptography, computing power and consensus algorithms to create a decentralized, immutable ledger that can be leveraged for smart contracts. A mathematical approach for creating something that is not mathematical at all, a distributed system of trust. With blockchain technology, we can gain the benefits of trust without the drawbacks of trusting. It will impact every system which requires authorities and intermediaries to function. And ultimately, it will transform the way we function and collaborate as a society.

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    Blockchain Beyond the Hype

    Is there too much hype surrounding blockchain?  Absolutely,… but not surprising.  All potentially transformative technologies are oversold in their early stages.  Remember the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s.  Blockchain is still in its early phases of experimentation and adoption.  Much work remains to be done on standards, platforms, interoperability, applications and governance.  But, does blockchain have the potential to become a truly transformative technology over time?  Yes, said McKinsey in a recent article on the strategic value of blockchain beyond the hype. 

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    Say No to Male-Dominated Industries: Gender Inequality in Blockchain

    Women lack representation in the total blockchain cryptocurrency investors. Probable chances are their lack of interest or reach to join blogs, forums, and spaces to get information related to blockchain investments. The scenario is similar to the initial lack of women representation in all other areas like politics, technology, and entertainment and so on. It is the ongoing trend of gender inequality that is inflicted in modern brains deeply. Undoubtedly, this industry demands a transformation as soon as possible.

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    Sidechain – The New Dimension in Blockchain World!

    Sidechains are a new concept in the blockchain industry and very well in the developing mode. It’s a new blockchain developed as a separate one attached with the original blockchain system. Well, the sidechain is attached or connected with the normal blockchain, and thus two blockchain networks are now available in a single system – main blockchain & sidechain. Connected via a 2-way passage, and the main objective of this new concept is to validate the transaction without affecting the whole system.

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    Blockchain Marks the Next Step in the Internet’s Evolution

    While the open, decentralized internet is alive and well in the InternetOne layer, the InternetTwo layer has become highly centralized, dominated by a few huge companies. Blockchain technologies have the potential to address these serious internet problems by enabling the exchange of the critical data required to validate identities in a secure, decentralized manner without the need for a central platform or other intermediaries. Over time, blockchain-based applications could be used to coordinate the self-organizing activities of large numbers of individuals and institutions in a secure and decentralized manner, as was the case with the internet’s early objectives.

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    Blockchain in Plain English

    We hear a lot about Blockchain these days, but how many people know what it’s really about? In an attempt to make this definition as simple as possible, blockchain automates trust. It’s a software architecture that allows non-trusting parties to record transactions without requiring a trusted governing authority. In other words, it does away with

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    How FinTech’s secret weapon “Blockchain” encourage banking sector?

    Digitalization is the need of almost every single industry today; however, there are industries where this technology is the basic and crucial to surviving in the market. One such industry is banking industry.  Time is crucial to all aspects of life.  There are several projects going on in the industry which requires efficient time management,

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    Blockchain in the Chemical Industry

    With this paper, we motivate to re-think the impact of blockchain technology on the chemical industry as a case study for many other industries with high capital expenditures. We provide a systematic approach, the value-driven Blockchain in Chemicals (VDBC) framework, to identify and evaluate possible use cases. To demonstrate the application of the framework, we

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