Comparison of Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric and Corda

Ready to learn Blockchain? Browse courses like Blockchain for Finance Professionals developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. With this paper, we provide a brief analysis of the most notable differences between the distributed ledger technologies (DLT) Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda and Ethereum. Our intention is to give decision makers new to DLT guidance

A Quick Ripple Primer To Make You An Informed User!

Ready to learn Blockchain? Browse courses like Blockchain for Finance Professionals developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. Source I have covered more, about Bitcoins in some of my previous articles, but there are also other promising digital currency, which uses cryptography & the blockchain technology and catching up right there in terms of

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How Blockchain Technology can help aid the Healthcare Industry

What are Cryptocurrencies? The term blockchain technology is synonymous with perhaps the more established phrase of ‘Cryptocurrency’. Simply put the blockchain is the technology that powers Cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the most recognised and celebrated. In 2008 Satoshi Nakamato, an unknown individual that is potentially a pseudonym for a person or group of people, introduced

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  • Blockchain’s biggest challenge: Securing the world’s most secure technology

    Blockchain was created to be a trustless self-regulating system to facilitate the transparent exchange of information between parties while protecting the privacy of all involved. However, the groundbreaking technology isn’t without vulnerability, one that hackers are already busy exploiting. “Blockchain, it’s an immutable distributed ledger,” is something we’ve all heard from bitcoin enthusiasts time and time again, but what does that really mean? How safe is it? How can we secure tech’s most secure technology?

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    Learn Blockchains by Building One

    You want to know how Blockchains work—the fundamental technology behind them. Remember that a blockchain is an immutable, sequential chain of records called Blocks. They can contain transactions, files or any data you like, really. But understanding Blockchains isn’t easy. Learn by doing. It forces you to deal with the subject matter at a code level, which gets it sticking at the end of this guide, you’ll have a functioning Blockchain with a solid grasp of how they work.

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    How blockchain can create self-sovereign identities

    It’s time to take our identity into our own hands. As social creatures, we are the sum total of our interactions with others. Blockchain brings new opportunities to the field of identity management. It does so via the qualities of immutability and distributed access (anyone, anywhere in the world, can verify that information exists). Together, these enable a new paradigm of trustlessness: I don’t need to trust you, a stranger, because I trust the immutability of the blockchain. Blockchain-based peer-to-peer marketplaces are the future.

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    How to solve big growth problems in fintech development, part two

    we continue to explore how technologies can help fintechs solve scalability challenges. We’ll try to answer the following question: How fintechs can find new revenue streams and extend their market reach? When fintechs find the technological capacity to build a scalable and reliable solution and manage to keep their operational costs low, they want to grow bigger, raise profits, and scale their business reach. However, that may be a daunting task due to strong cards of other financial services companies operating in the market.

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    How Bitcoin Ends

    Watching the bitcoin phenomenon is a bit like watching the three-decade decline of the internet from a playspace for the counterculture to one for venture capitalists. We thought the net would break the monopoly of top-down, corporate media. But as business interests took over it has become primarily a delivery system for streaming television to consumers, and consumer data to advertisers. Likewise, Bitcoin was intended to break the monopoly of the banking system over central currency and credit. But, in the end, it will turn into just another platform for the big banks to do the same old extraction they always have. Here’s how.

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    After the Bust: Building Out Blockchain Technology

    When there’s a bust, we expect a backlash that leaves people uncertain of the future potential for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. Meanwhile, the underlying buildout of the blockchain infrastructure that’s being created to support all this will ultimately enable a more trusted world. How long it takes to create that trust depends on more than technology. It depends on us understanding these cycles and how to handle the inevitable human emotions of fear and greed that inflate and burst the bubble. Hopefully, this article has prepared you to think for yourself beyond those emotions.

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    Use blockchain to build a global data commons

    Ready to learn Blockchain? Browse courses like Blockchain for Finance Professionals developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. OPINION It’s well understood that there’s little economic incentive for most people to do much more than give their data away for free. However, one of the promises of blockchain is to unpick this problem, by offering

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    Cyber Risk – Can the Battle be Won?

    Cyber Risk is recognized as a major threat by both insurers and their clients. Is there any proven way to manage this risk efficiently? Cyber insurance clients will have to beef up their cyber risk strategy, if they have one, and make sure that they are constantly up to date with the latest software, firmware, and hardware fixes, if possible. They must also train up employees to understand cyber risk. There is potential for insurtechs and development houses who can consult small and medium businesses on this; not everyone can afford to hire a CISO.Insurers will need to develop expertise in cyber insurance and start gathering their own cyber risk data. Insurers must also ensure that their own house is in order, as they are a good target for data breaches.

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    Application of Blockchain Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

    Ready to learn Blockchain? Browse courses like Blockchain for Finance Professionals developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab.   Authors: Vincent Dieterich, Marko Ivanovic, Thomas Meier, Sebastian Zäpfel (Technische Universität München), Manuel Utz (StromDAO), Philipp Sandner (Frankfurt School Blockchain Center). Download the article as PDF file. More information about the the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

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