Pitfalls of Leveraging AI and ML to Overcome the Efficient Market Hypothesis

A number of financial professionals have claimed that AI will help crack the code of the stock market. Other experts have argued that this is not likely to happen. However, AI still offers some useful features for investors, even if it won’t help them beat the market.

How Usage-Based Payments are Enabling Blockchain-Based Integrated Business Ecosystems

Blockchain technology, through its inherent characteristic of data integrity and transparency, will facilitate integrated business ecosystems. However, the necessary preconditions for integrated ecosystems include standardization of blockchain protocols, a change of mindset in the top management of companies as well as neutral platform governance.

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How AI And Blockchain Could Be A Perfect Match?

How AI And Blockchain Could Be A Perfect Match?

The blend of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence is still a largely undiscovered area. Information is the critical ingredient for developing and enhancing blockchain and AI algorithms that secures data, allowing audit all intermediary steps.

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  • 5 Ways to Transform the Banking Industry With AI Chatbots

    AI offers a high-level understanding of the goals that the banking industry can achieve. AI, also is providing ways that chatbots can be used to transform the banking industry for the better.

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    Blockchain for Master Data Management

    Blockchain is essential for digital transformation. There is no other technology on the horizon that is decentralized, fault-tolerant, secure, and reliable for inter-Enterprise Master Data Management.

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    Going Beyond Digitization with Back-Office Process Automation

    Banking Automation is the future of the financial industry. After years of customer-centric automation is now the time to look behind the lines and jump into back-office automation.

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    The Evolution of Digital Banking Post COVID-19

    🏦Digital banking will become the new norm. COVID-19 may have resulted in closed branches, but it can accelerate the adoption of open banking, to bring convenience and new applications that will change the way customers do their banking.

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    The Transformational Impact of Blockchain-based Supply Chains: Nine Real-World Use Cases

    The supply chain opportunities are immense, and even more important in light of the Covid-19 crisis. Learn how blockchain is revolutionizing a different supply chain, from general use cases like global trade to more specific ones like food traceability and manufacturing.

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    Blockchain in Healthcare

    By using blockchain-encrypted digital identity management, humans are placed in the center of medical data management. The central issues are the availability of medical data and trust of patients and stakeholders in data security and quality, which can be addressed by using blockchain technology.

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    5 Ways IoT Transforms The Financial Tech World

    There’s still a lot to learn about IoTs, 🏦banks will soon look to such devices to not only do business with customers, but also improve the banking infrastructure to where services are safe and secure.

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    This Is Why Most Blockchain Startups Fail

    Why most blockchain startups fail? Many entrepreneurs dive headfirst into creating a blockchain or crypto-based solution without knowing if it solves a specific problem or has any commercial viability.

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    What Is the Strategic Business Value of Blockchain in Finance and Beyond?

    The technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has a growing use of applications for a number of industries. The strategic business value of blockchain is growing. Here are some strategic business values of blockchain in finance and beyond.

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