Digital Transformation in Banking & Finance

What is digital banking itself? To put it briefly, the transformation introduces technology to the business processes and services of a financial institution, allowing them to deliver all their operations online.

How To Improve Credit Risk Management: AI For Banking

There is no doubt that credit risk management with AI becomes a key area for banks and financial organizations. It solves practically all issues caused by traditional scorecards improving banking workflow.

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How Secure Is Blockchain Tech? Thoughts From A Digital Forensics Firm

Improved security is one of the many use cases for blockchain technology. Before we dig into how blockchain will revolutionize the digital security industry, it would help us understand what the technology does.

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  • What’s The Difference Between Predictive Analytics & AI?

    Both AI and predictive analytics are two terms frequently heard together. But what do they mean precisely, and what’s the connection between them? And more importantly, how can you harness the power of AI and predictive analytics for financial software in your business. Let’s find out.

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    Banking Today: Risk Management With AI

    Risk management demands more attention and stricter practices. If companies wish to achieve higher organizational agility, they need to embrace innovation and view FinTechs as key contributors to the bottom line.

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    Top Strategies For Digital Banking Transformation Success

    Financial institutions must deploy new technologies into all areas of the business, changing the way organizations operate and deliver value to customers. The playing field in the banking space has changed because of new competitors and a greater awareness by consumers of what is possible.

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    Fintech Disruption Trends: A Changing Payment Landscape on the Horizon

    From the rise of software-based payment technology and cross-border e-commerce to an increase in Fraud-as-a-Service, this article explores 2021’s main fintech disruption trends

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    Three Areas of Tech Innovation Banks Should Consider in 2021

    Banks can now adopt technologies designed for a fully digital customer experience with confidence that consumers will adapt. With this in mind, consider these three tech innovations that will help ensure that your bank stays competitive in the post-

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    Using On-Chain and Market Metrics to Analyze the Value of Crypto Assets

    This article sheds light on metrics that are correlated with the price of crypto assets. As the examination of the market price of crypto assets and token characteristics is an arising topic, there are various opportunities to continue for future research.

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    9. Blockchain Decentralization: Digital Transformation Debts post-Covid-19

    Part 9 of the ten-part series on Digital Transformation Debt expands upon the post-Covid-19 Decentralized World’s emergence. Decentralization is achieved through Blockchains and Blockchain solutions.

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    Programmable Money and Programmable Payments

    Programmable money is one of the major buzzwords in the blockchain space in 2020. Even though everyone seems to talk about it, we still lack a clear definition and hence common understanding of this term. this article presents a taxonomy of programmable money.

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    DLT In The Industry — Use Cases For Production

    Industrial use cases for the promising blockchain technology have not been the main focus of attention so far. However, it offers many solutions that can create value and profits around the globe.

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