The Ultimate Guide to Algorithmic Trading

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Sophisticated algorithms are already dominating our everyday life through traffic lights, train schedules, Facebook newsfeed and more.

About 70-80% of overall trading volume is generated through Algorithmic training. In this series, you will find the resources and skills required for Algorithmic trading, the application of AI for trading, and the Future of Algorithmic trading.

Pitfalls of Leveraging AI and ML to Overcome the Efficient Market Hypothesis
A number of financial professionals have claimed that AI will help crack the code of the stock market. Other experts have argued that this is not likely to happen. However, AI still offers some useful features for investors, even if it won’t help them beat the market.
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The Future of Algorithmic Trading

Though you probably do not realize it, sophisticated algorithms are already dominating our everyday life, through traffic lights, train schedules, your Facebook newsfeed, and more. An area of algorithmic dominance that often goes unnoticed is in the stock market. These trading algorithms are reshaping the way trading is done on Wall Street. Investors are using algorithms designed for trading to bring greater efficiency to financial markets, and at the same time push us into uncharted financial territory. 

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AI & Machine Learning
Machine Learning for Trading

Trading is a gruesomely competitive world. And with AI being painted as the new wonder weapon for everything, it’s understandable that there’s a huge amount of interest in discovering how to use AI for trading. AI does play an important role in trading – but maybe not in the way you’d expect. Unfortunately, AI can’t be used to power a superhuman trading machine that steals human traders’ lunches in every market. Then, how AI helps traders make better decisions & improve high-frequency trading?

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The Top Resources For Learning Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is perceived as a very complex area for beginners. There’s simply way too much to learn as it covers a wide range of disciplines that require a considerable degree of mathematical and statistical maturity. Simply put, if bogged down with the wrong resources initially, it can be very demotivating to understand or learn algorithmic trading.

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