The Impact of Fintech on Industries & Technology

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Money and technology go hand in hand.

The financial sector received a big boost due to technological integration. In this series, you will find blogs that aim to explain the blend of Blockchain and AI with Fintech and its impact on other industries and technologies.


Top 12 AI Use Cases: Artificial Intelligence in FinTech

Before AI and the rise of FinTech, very few industry giants had the bandwidth to deal with the inherently quantitative nature of our now tech-savvy world. These AI use cases detail how AI has been a game-changer for FinTech.


How Artificial Intelligence and Fintech Can Work Together

Artificial intelligence (AI) in fintech firms will bring in a new series of opportunities, like personalized wealth management, automated customer support, intelligent financial assistance, fraud detection, accurate decision-making, and so much more. Most of us think fintech is a relatively new concept. Still remember the days when we had to go to financial advisors for


How Fintech is Changing Lives in The Global South

Ready to learn Blockchain? Browse courses like Blockchain for Finance Professionals developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. You may have heard of companies like WePay and Oscar. WePay is an online payments service provider; and Oscar is a user and technology-centered health insurance company. And you might have witnessed how these fintech companies


How do Fintech and Blockchain Technology Blend?

Fintech and blockchain technology merge quite well.  The number of blockchain fintech startups is soaring, while distributed ledger technologies slowly taking ground in the financial services industry. It will be interesting to see if this technology and smart contracts can live up to their expectations and transform financial ecosystem for the better. Let’s see how smart contracts and blockchain can transform the global FinServ, explore the major blockchain platforms, and check out several fintech startups that use this technology.


Seven Ways In Which Fintech Is Impacting The Insurance Industry

Ready to learn Insurance Analytics Training? Browse courses like Insurance Analytics Training developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. Money and technology often go hand-in-hand. It is cyclic, invest money in productive technology and it rewards with more money. The financial sector received a big boost due to technological integration. Banks revealed during

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