Top Technologies Transforming Marketing Right Now

Today’s consumers are digital natives who are media-savvy, and that’s made them impervious to conventional marketing techniques. Rather than just trying to sell them something, businesses need to find a way to reach them on a deeper, more personal level. And it’s easy to understand why technology has taken on an increasingly prominent role in this sector in recent years, forcing companies to adapt or risk being left behind. In fact, it’s increasingly obvious that tech is the future of marketing. 

AR/VR in retail: Should be sidelined or embraced?

Virtual reality (VR) is estimated to generate $1.8 billion for retail and marketing by 2022 and augmented reality (AR) already hit $3 billion in 2018. With e-commerce confident to become mobile AR’s largest revenue stream, 32% of brands and retailers plan to use AR or VR within 3 years and 45% believe AR and VR

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Five Effective Methods for Building and Keeping Customer Loyalty

The data is in, repeat customers are the source of at least 65% of the company’s business.This is only one of the many facts which demonstrate the importance of customer retention. All the studies in this field agree that having people return to your business is much more profitable than gaining new buyers.Here are some

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  • Decision Trees in Marketing

    Today market segmentation is driven by machines. And one of the methods helping the machines to segment the customer base flawlessly is decision trees. The advantage of Decision trees over the earlier method of decision making is that it takes up a number of variables to predict the outcome. And in doing so it makes the prediction more and more accurate. In marketing, you can use it for campaign planning, customer value assessment, customer churn prediction, product launch decision, and several others.

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    Ten Charts That Will Change Your Perspective Of AI In Marketing

    Artificial Intelligence enables marketers to understand sales cycles better, correlating their strategies and spending to sales results. AI-driven insights are also helping to break down data silos so marketing and sales can collaborate more on deals.Marketing is more analytics and quant-driven than ever before with the best CMOs knowing which metrics and KPIs to track and why they fluctuate. The bottom line is that machine learning and AI are the technologies CMOs and their teams need to excel today.  The following ten charts provide insights into how AI is transforming marketing.

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    How Do You Sell Software?

    The role and image of a software salesperson have changed a lot. It had to! Think of the old paradigm where a software salesperson or team would shuffle into your conference room and deliver a packaged presentation, followed by a packaged demo, in hopes of finding a hot button that appealed to you and somehow satisfied

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    What Makes POS Reconciliation Vital for Retail Businesses?

    There always comes a time in the business life-cycle when a business starts growing at a steady pace and so does its operations, especially the financial ones. Committing a mistake is in human nature but this can greatly be minimized and brought down to zero with the help of Point-Of-Sale Reconciliation. This monitoring of accounts during retail accounting not only saves you from the future financial problems but also provides you a platform wherein you can understand and utilize your finances in order to grow your business.

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    How marketers need to evolve to take on AI

    Artificial Intelligence is changing the way traditional marketing is done. It is far more capable than humans enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of marketing. AI backed Chatbots are becoming an integral part of marketing. Such tools help businesses provide enhanced services, engaging them for a longer time and increasing the chances of conversion. Augmented or Virtual Reality is another emerging trend which is changing the way marketing is done digitally. AI can be used in marketing in all the three layers of the pyramid, bidding, targeting and messaging.

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    How Analytics and AI Can Revamp Your Sales Team

    Your salespeople provide the humanistic touch needed to close sales and maintain customer relationships. But if they’re not using analytics and AI tools these days, they’re working harder than they need to. Consider the benefit of being able to engage in more realistic company operations planning, courtesy of intelligent sales forecasting. Having a way to more accurately predict next quarter’s or next year’s revenue based on your historical and real-time sales team performance goes a long way in mapping out and prioritizing major spending and acquisition decisions, too.

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    One Key Metric For Maximizing Your Market Value

    Regardless of industry, companies all over the world are shifting to new business models based on technology and platforms, rather than the products and services of the industrial age—and those that make this shift and leap the digital divide are rewarded with dramatically higher market valuations and corresponding price-to-sales ratios. If you want to know what the market really thinks about a company, there’s one pretty simple way to tell: just look at its price to sales ratio. This one little number encapsulates performance, value, and trajectory, and it’s a lot harder to manipulate than price to earnings ratio.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Sales Management

    Sales is an integral function of any tech companies, especially enterprise software ones. If your company is building a consumer product, strong marketing strategies will help you gain customers. But if your company is SaaS-based, then strong salespeople are a must to get clients, and learning about sales is the perfect way to know more about the enterprise industry. The 2 most important skills that a salesman needs to learn are deliberate practice and teamwork + accountability.

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    Revealing the good, the bad, and the horrible side of using data in marketing

    Data-driven marketing has been an effective marketing approach for several businesses. Organizations need to address customer concerns and generate a trustworthy and transparent approach towards data collection. Data has become so essential for businesses that startups are generating synthetic data to eliminate the cold start problem. Hence, numerous organizations in every industry sector are adopting a data-driven marketing approach to offer better products and services and ensure customer satisfaction. But, are there any negative implications of implementing data-driven marketing?

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