3 Sustainable Ways to Build a Customer-Focused Content Strategy

We’ve all seen umpteen studies proving Content Strategy (correlating) that the more content you publish on your blog, the more visits and leads you get. Marketers take this finding at face value and race to publish more (and more visible) content. Everywhere, “experts” and “thought leaders” are spewing advice on the latest tools, technology and

How Businesses Can Leverage Technology To Retain Customers

Businesses are developing strategies to leverage customer retention technologies to enhance the customer experience to prevent losing them to competitors.

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Avoiding The Negative Impacts Of Dirty Marketing Data

There are so many types of data, let’s examine two types here. Data used in B2B direct marketing and data used in AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

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  • 3 Opportunities For CMOs To Capitalize On In 2021

    While rapid changes to the business climate creates greater urgency for agile leadership, there are distrinct focus areas for CMOs.

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    Customer Churn Prediction Or How AI Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

    No matter how excellent your financial service is, churn risk never takes a holiday. To keep boosting revenue, small lenders and credit unions prefer to acquire new customers instead of upselling existing ones. And this is the biggest mistake that most SMEs make, resulting in customer attrition.

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    Why Chatbot and Knowledge Base Are the Future of Customer Service

    Whether you are looking to inform customers of the intricacies of using your product or are merely equipping them with information about your product’s most common use cases and issues, knowledge is invaluable to providing support.

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    Effective Low-Cost Strategies For Marketing Your Start Up Business!

    Marketing sounds like an intimidating or expensive word, but it’s all about uniquely using existing tools or methods. Small businesses need to market smartly and creatively.

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    What Should CMOs Focus On In 2021?

    The overall reality for CMOs in 2021 is that they will be expected to do more with less — less money, less support, less time.

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    How Ecommerce AI Tools Can Make Your Online Store More Profitable in 2021?

    Except if you have been burrowed deep underground for the most recent few years, you’ve undoubtedly known about artificial intelligence (AI). In any case, how might we utilize artificial intelligence in eCommerce? There are powerful and reasonable ways that retail businesses are utilizing AI in the realm of online shopping. Artificial Intelligence is starting to

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    Consumer Technology vs. 5G

    5G is often heralded as the future of communications technology. With 5G consumers would once again be limited to a choice of offerings and a new generation would rediscover the busy signal.

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    How AI Has Improved Customer Experience Strategy?

    The emergence of artificial intelligence has undoubtedly catalyzed technology through novelty in innovation, evolution to make human life as customer bliss.

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    Data Management In Retail: Why, How And What

    Poor data management can wreak havoc on retail businesses from shipment and delivery errors. Master data is the essential data to a retail brand. MDM helps solve data irregularities, and introduce processes and controls.

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