Why 2019 Is the Year Your Company Needs ISO Certification

Knowing exactly where your company needs to tighten things up can be difficult. CEOs and executive teams spend large sums on consultants and evaluative tools to understand what exactly keeps their business from growing. To help businesses take the first step in this process, the International Organization for Standardization offers a set of standards you can build your company around and a certification process to ensure you’re adhering to the policies and procedures outlined.

Not Just Cyber: How Tech and Retail Are Reinventing Shopping

Technology is now the cornerstone of our society. The retail industry is certainly no exception, with many innovative solutions and platforms taking center stage. The question is not whether or not technologies are reinventing retail — spoiler alert, they are — but instead what they will lead to in the future. The technologies listed here — and many more — are set to transform not just the retail industry but also the world as we know it. Beyond improved customer experiences, more efficient operations and a swath of cost savings, every business stands to benefit from its adoption.

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What Tech Recruiters Actually Look for in your Resume and First Interview

Have you ever applied to many tech jobs that suit your experience and skill but never heard back? Does it feel like you are sending your resume to a black hole? Then this is something you absolutely must read. In this post, 3 tech recruiters in Sydney, Australia answer what they look for in a

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  • The 2018 Sales Technology Landscape: Your Go-To Sales Tech Guide

    A lot has happened in the sales tech space. The major change of this landscape iteration is the restructuring of the Sales Intelligence layer. The new layer features list providers regardless of their data collection method. Differentiate between vendors offering data augmentation services. Eventually, add call and web intelligence solutions, growingly used in sales organizations. Besides understanding how the category shapes up, follow steps for your vendor selection. Keep in mind this explosion of players brought a lot of variability in data quality.


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    The 2018 Customer Interaction Management Landscape: Part 2 – Looking Forward

    We continue our exploration of the key trends shaping up the customer interaction management market. In the first part of this article, we looked at the accelerating transition to the cloud and the impact of digital transformation initiatives. In this second part, I would like to explore four other driving forces. The coming of age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the viral adoption of messaging apps are enabling conversational experiences. Self-service has become an investment priority for enterprises and the number of virtual customer assistant providers has surged to a whopping 80. 

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    The 2018 Customer Interaction Management Landscape: Part 1 – a Crowded Space

    Enterprises are looking at how they interact with customers in a more holistic way. It includes the resolution of the issues that triggered customers reaching out in the first place as well as providing proactive service. The transition to the cloud of contact centers has created a “gold rush” in a market where incumbent vendors had traditionally a leg up.

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    How will GDPR affect marketers and sellers?

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an attempt to regulate the source of information and legalize the flow of information based on the prospect or customer’s permission. GDPR is a regulation that defines how organizations need to protect the personal data of EU citizens. If your idea of prospect reach-out was mass emailers, cold calls or anything that intrudes a prospect’s experience – then GDPR is going to affect you badly. However, there is immense opportunity for marketers and sales people to build quality relationships and engagement, and more importantly an opportunity to improve the quality of data you work on.

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    Customer data – are you turning into intelligence?

    A part of our customer understanding comes from what we think is valuable to our customers, average deal size, repeat purchases, etc. But usually, these insights are narrow and not in real time. While it is one thing to capture data, ingest and get insights – the accuracy of data becomes more important. To create a long-term customer isn’t only about catering to their needs but also being able to pick up their buying signals, understand their behavioral patterns and more importantly, being able to use the insights to personalize their customer experience (CX).

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    The missing link in today’s Salesforce Automation (SFA)

    Like any automation process, the most basic expectation from salesforce automation (SFA) tools is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of sales operations. Yet when you look closely, salesforce automation is usually a feature within your CRM or ERP tools to track and manage selling activities and reports, which is just not enough because not all selling are equal. While the sales numbers are not completely owned by marketing, the insights from marketing operations are a key component of sales force automation. 

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    Customers Have Changed, So Tech Is Changing Customer Service

    Big data, Internet of Things (IoT) applications and self-service portals will make it easier than ever for businesses to anticipate their customer’s needs, alleviating a load of customer support agents while providing consumers an impressively instantaneous response to their queries. Customers have changed, so technology is molding customer service into a more self-servicing, instantaneous and data-driven platform where consumers are more satisfied, while also reducing the load on a customer support team. Increasing sophistication in technology and big data makes it easier than ever for businesses to address customer support issues before they even occur.

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    Some tips to manage an offshore team

    The economy is going global. Managing a remote workforce might not be as difficult as it may sound. Communication and using the right tools remains the key to having a successful team irrespective of the geographies.

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    Leveraging data to elevate the customer experience

    Ready to learn Marketing & Customer Analytics Training? Browse courses like Marketing Analytics: Text Analysis & Recommendation Systems developed by industry thought leaders and Experfy in Harvard Innovation Lab. Around the globe, billions of people are gradually shifting more of their lives online — they engage, share and consume. Along with the emergence of new technology in the

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