Q&A With Eszti Hollenback

1) Tell us about your background?

My full name is Eszter Hollenback, but I prefer to be called Eszti. I was born in Hungary. I moved to the Pacific Coast to follow my heart. Living in a technology-oriented city like Seattle brought me the opportunity to change my career. I have embraced the vibrant tech scene here and have found a niche as a UX Designer. I love what I do. My work is very collaborative. It entails talking to users and finding the best possible solution for both them and their clients. I love the fact that together we can create something great, something extraordinary. It’s good to be a part of this journey.

2) What got you interested in UX and how this field is evolving?

Before becoming a full-time UX Designer, I worked in marketing and communications. I remember when we mainly focused on printed materials to create the best communications strategy for a product. With the revolution in digital technology, it was in the air that one day screens of various devices would be our primary tools to create content for. Devices are becoming smarter and smaller, lighter in weight, providing mobility and easy access to digital content. They are changing the habits of customers and the producers as well. 

What I love about UX design is that it is a bridge between customers/users and producers so it is very interdisciplinary and we are constantly being pushed to innovate so as to make a product that is unique in terms of being simple, intuitive, and elegant. Design is an underestimated component of the value of technology. Consumers want well-designed products that are purposeful and desirable; functional and beautiful. Meeting that need is both the challenge and joy of being a UX Designer.

3) How did you first hear about Experfy?

One day, I received a call from Ishan Maharshi of Experfy. He wanted to know if I was interested in a short project with one of their clients. We talked and he explained what Experfy does and how it does it.

4) What initial challenges did you encounter before joining Experfy?

The job hunt is a hideous process. Oftentimes it feels impersonal and time-consuming. As a job seeker so many times I receive no answer at all from recruiters, no follow-up after an application. It’s quite a negative feeling. Experfy has a better relationship with their professionals, communicates well and they are not out of touch. Those are important factors for me.

5) Can you highlight instances where Experfy has proven to be valuable?

They are especially helpful during the initial stages of work and the onboarding to a new project, which is when you most need them. There is always good communication. Experfy is basically a very good assistant in that they are there when you need them but know when to stay in the background.

6) According to you, what makes Experfy unique?

The type of support and communication. For me, that is the key to establishing trust with people.

7) Tell us about your experience during the screening process with Experfy? 

It was a pleasant phone conversation. Professional, comfortable, and smooth.

8) What are your thoughts on Talent Clouds as a concept?

I’m fairly new to it.  I’ve done just one project and with that, I started my experience with the Talent Cloud, so I’m excited to learn more about it.

9) Tell us about your experience working with Deloitte? (You may talk about the experience working with a team, culture, etc, and not about the project.)

It was a 3-week sprint that slowly extended to nearly 3 months. We worked at a fast tempo. The project was interesting, the collaboration was great, natural, and smooth, communication was fluid. Supportive environment.

10) Tell us about your experience using the Experfy technology platform?

Easy to use.

11) Which is the standout feature of our platform?

Honesty about what it does. There are no fancy marketing words to get more traction. It is what it is.

12) Any tips for students who are pursuing a career in UX?

Never give up. It’s not easy to get established but once that is done, it’s rewarding.

13) What are your plans for the future?

Keep making the world a better place with the help of UX Design.

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