Q&A With Jeff Shauer

  1. Tell us about your background?

I have 10 years of experience building analytics solutions, working in consulting, and leading the development of myriad architecture, cloud, and strategy projects.  

2) What got you interested in Big Data and how is this field evolving?  

A key trend is a growing ability to scale analytics and analyze massive amounts of data.  Some of the prior solutions had a lot of constraints around adding new features, scalability, and slowness to deploy.  The cloud has made it possible to deploy better solutions such that now with the trend towards Kubernetes, scalability will no longer be a development constraint.  

3) How did you first hear about Experfy?  

I read about it in a job description.  

4) What initial challenges did you encounter before joining Experfy?  

It can be challenging as an independent consultant to find work.  You often need to explore multiple avenues and I’m always looking to join useful professional networks.  

5) Can you highlight instances where Experfy has proven to be valuable?  

Helping to find work and matching me to new opportunities.  

6) According to you, what makes Experfy unique?  

Having a wide range of opportunities for independent consultants.  

7) Tell us about your experience during the screening process with Experfy?   

I had several different interviews and conversations before getting on-boarded.  Then the project I started on turned into a two-phase contract so for that I also had to go through an approval process.  It was 1-2 interviews.  

8) Tell us about a project(s) that had a huge impact on the ROI of a customer?  

Figuring out millions of dollars in forecasting errors, then helping fix and correct the data to improve management and operations.  Giving customers that previously had no insight, the ability to see real-time data so that they could make better financial and planning decisions.  

9) How is your experience being a part of Deloitte’s Talent Cloud? What are a few key benefits? What are your thoughts on Talent Clouds as a concept?  

So far so good. The best benefit is having access to a wide range of opportunities.  It has been a good concept.  

10) Tell us about your experience working with Deloitte? 

The Deloitte work team and clients have been great to work with, tons of work, and a lot of support.  

11) Tell us about your experience using the Experfy technology platform?  

Easy to use and highly searchable.  

12) Which is the standout feature of our platform?  

Easy ability to apply to different roles. 

13) Any tips for students who are pursuing a career in Big Data?  

Study a wide range of disciplines so that you are not just technology-focused.  Learn Business, Statistics, and Technology.  To only be good in one thing is to be easily replaced.  You will likely need several years of experience to just get your feet wet and get as broad of exposure as possible.  Don’t get tied down to any particular technology or vendor, you want to experience as much as possible to learn the good and bad elements. 

14) What are your plans for the future?  

Do independent consulting for as long as the opportunities are robust. 

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