Q&A With Ryan Miller

1) Tell us about yourself? Like many in the data science profession, I began my career as a physicist. After earning my doctorate at the University of Wisconsin and completing a postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory, I went to work in the private sector at a professor’s data science consulting company. I have been working

Q&A With Jeff Shauer

1) Tell us about your background?  I have 10 years of experience building analytics solutions, working in consulting, and leading the development of myriad architecture, cloud, and strategy projects.   2) What got you interested in Big Data and how is this field evolving?   A key trend is a growing ability to scale analytics and analyze

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Q&A With Daniel Samarov

Q: Tell us about your background? A: Sure. I’m a proud Tar Heel. I earned my doctorate in statistics in 2009 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduation, I began my career in a traditional academic/research setting at a government research lab, where my work focused on a number of application

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  • Q&A With Eszti Hollenback

    1) Tell us about your background? My full name is Eszter Hollenback, but I prefer to be called Eszti. I was born in Hungary. I moved to the Pacific Coast to follow my heart. Living in a technology-oriented city like Seattle brought me the opportunity to change my career. I have embraced the vibrant tech

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    Q&A With Chris Karwicki

    1) Tell us about your background? I am a cloud expert. However, I have also worn many hats during my 20-year career. I have held various positions including Principal Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Java Programmer, and Python Coder just to name a few. I have earned a master’s degree in Computer Science as

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