Q&A With Chris Karwicki

1) Tell us about your background?

I am a cloud expert. However, I have also worn many hats during my 20-year career. I have held various positions including Principal Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Java Programmer, and Python Coder just to name a few. I have earned a master’s degree in Computer Science as well as a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence. I am a certified Amazon Web Services Solution Architect and Java Developer.  Professionally, I have worked primarily in the financial services industry on projects involving trading technology. But most recently I have gotten involved in building machine learning platforms for e-commerce marketing engines. I consider myself to be a hands-on, no-nonsense technologist and I know how to get things done

2) What got you interested in cloud computing and how this field is evolving?

I got interested in cloud computing while doing a project for one of my clients. They were pursuing different avenues for cutting information technology costs and increasing ROI. I realized the enormous potential intrinsic to the emerging paradigm shift towards building decentralized business systems and the benefits that come with cloud technology such as cost efficiency, scalability, agility, quick time to market, and innovation delivery. The pandemic has only underscored the importance of having a strong cloud strategy. There is now an accelerated adoption of the cloud as is evident in new trends – virtual desktops in the cloud for companies to facilitate remote work, AI workloads driving cost efficiencies and multi-cloud architectures – just to name a few

3) How did you first hear about Experfy?

I saw an Experfy job listing for freelancers on a job portal. I got interested since they were specifically targeting professional cloud freelancers which matched my profile perfectly

4) What initial challenges did you encounter before joining Experfy?

I prefer contract roles but the majority of positions out there are full-time. It was sometimes difficult to find a good contract role. Experfy greatly simplifies that since it targets experts like me to help them find good freelance projects

5) Tell us about your experience during the screening process with Experfy?

The screening process was quick and very professional. There was a technical round and an HR round. They went over my skills, experience, and expectations. They explained their unique value proposition thoroughly as well as answered all my questions. I was very impressed with their professionalism and the overall Experfy value proposition.

6) Can you highlight instances where Experfy has proven to be valuable?

As a cloud expert who prefers working on a freelance basis, the contract roles offered by Experfy proved to be incredibly valuable. I have not seen a company of this kind before in my 20 year career. It occupies a very unique niche in that it is one of the few companies that specialize in finding projects for freelancers and expert contractors. Experfy respects us as more than just “gig workers” and gives us so much flexibility and assistance.  I am really glad I found Experfy

7) According to you, what makes Experfy unique?

Experfy is unique in that its focus is on the freelance data science expert community. Its streamlines and simplifies the process of finding projects for us and assists us in all necessary arrangements. They offer many different work arrangements and they are very flexible. Every expert will be able to work out with Experfy the arrangement that suits him/her best.

8) Tell us about a project(s) that had a huge impact on the ROI of a customer?

One of the projects I worked on for a financial services client involved the digital transformation of the entire retirement planning business process which we modernized and migrated to the cloud. It revolutionized the way the client does business and increased the profitability of their products by 7% in just the first year

9) How is your experience being a part of Deloitte’s Talent Cloud? What are a few key benefits? What are your thoughts on talent clouds as a concept?

My experience so far is very satisfying. I am glad to be part of the Deloitte Talent Cloud. I am building a long-term relationship with a single company which makes each subsequent project easier for them and myself. I also have access to many different kinds of contract work in my domain of expertise easily and quickly while the whole process is streamlined and simple

10) Tell us about your experience working with Deloitte?

Working for Deloitte is very rewarding. I have a chance to work with exceptional people, cutting-edge technology and be part of a great team. Deloitte is very flexible and values talent irrespective of work arrangement – full-time or contract. I get appreciated for merit, my skills, and contributions.

11) Tell us about your experience using the Experfy technology platform?

The Experfy platform is very easy to use and user-friendly. Just what you would expect from a premium talent website.

12) What is the standout feature of our platform?

With Experfy, building a profile is very easy to do. That can be more complicated than it should be on other platforms.

13) Any tips for students who are pursuing a career in cloud computing? 

If you are new to the cloud – study and do certificates, it really helps in understanding the cloud but don’t stop there. Continuous learning is essential.  There is always so much more to learn. You should open a free cloud account and play with it, study configuration management tools, CI/CD, containers, Unix, DevOps processes, and best practices.

14) What are your plans for the future?

I want to continue my journey in cloud computing. There is so much exciting innovation happening in this field. I want to build upon my existing skills and experience to improve so that I can deliver the best possible solutions to my clients.

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