5 Reasons Why Sharepoint Intranet Is The Best Choice For Your Organization

5 Reasons Why Sharepoint Intranet Is The Best Choice For Your Organization

Effective communication within an organization is imperative to maintain information flow between its employees. So, how do we achieve that? Enter Intranet. Intranet is software that establishes connections between all of the firm’s computers. To further help you understand, intranet software works like the internet, but it makes connections possible within your organization instead of worldwide.

Now comes the hard part. In this electronic world, where we are spoilt for choices for any software, how do we choose the right intranet software for our company? Research-wise, the answer is pretty simple: Microsoft SharePoint. In an organization where we need real-time interaction and collaboration, SharePoint stands out with its distinct features and reputation.

In this guide, let’s explore what SharePoint intranet is and why our organization needs it. We will also discuss the top five reasons why managers and executives choose it for their enterprises.

What is SharePoint Intranet?

Let’s go back a couple of decades. Back in 2001, SharePoint was introduced by Microsoft as a  Document Management System or DMS. Fast-forward to now, SharePoint has evolved as a one-stop hub for all things communication and collaboration within an organization. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, a well-built and competent intranet is a prerequisite for seamless and effective collaboration amongst your team.

SharePoint intranets take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to alleviate workforce experience and engagement; therefore it enhances your company’s bottom line. Any digital workplace that requires collaboration, connectivity, information sharing, etc.needs a digital solution to meet such needs. SharePoint intranet is that solution.

Many intranet solutions such as Staffbase, Workplace, Blink, etc. flood the market, making a choice to be a difficult task. So, what makes SharePoint intranet stand out? Why choose it over the others? Let’s discover the benefits of this technology and the top five reasons why most enterprises find SharePoint to be the best intranet solution.

Key Benefits of SharePoint Intranet

There are plenty of advantages of using SharePoint for your intranet requirements. Some of them include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint provides multiple and diverse options and tools to create efficient intranet sites for your business. In addition, this software offers an excellent user experience, and it looks great on any screen or device. With this technology, a person can easily create high-functioning intranet pages without complicated codes or customizations.
  • Most features offered by SharePoint are out of the box and innovative. These include project management, employee engagement, document management, real-time collaboration, enhanced security, etc. All of these features boost productivity, team effort, and overall business success.
  • SharePoint intranet is also cost-effective. If you already have access to the MS Office 365 suite, you can commence right away. Moreover, access to MS Office 365 also gives you automatic access to SharePoint. This implies that you need not worry about splurging on complicated and personalized services if what you have in mind is a simple intranet solution.

Top 5 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet is a Popular Choice

Before discussing the rationale for choosing MS SharePoint for your organization, let’s make some things clear. First, every business has intranet needs that are unique to them. Factors such as the size and nature of the workforce, budgets, etc. play a key role in making an informed decision. Second, there are many different intranet software available in the marketplace today, yet SharePoint is easily regarded as one of the best due to its intelligent features and unparalleled user experience.

Here are 5 top hallmarks as to why Sharepoint intranet stands out in the crowd:

  1. Integration with MS Office 365: Being developed by Microsoft, it is a no-brainer that SharePoint possesses amazing integration and connectivity with the MS Office 365 suite and its varied tools. Statistics state that 87.3% of enterprises have at least 100 workers using MS Office 365; hence, SharePoint becomes the obvious choice for most companies. Some of the integration features include connecting Yammer as a part of social networking, editing and sharing Microsoft Word documents and OneDrive documents, etc.
  2. Customization, Flexibility, and scalability: SharePoint offers highly flexible, scalable, and customizable features irrespective of the size of the workforce in an organization. A wide range of bespoke features including a solid internal network, real-time sharing, search and findability, etc. promote effective collaboration and communication. In addition, most companies are prone to change at any time in terms of size and priorities. Nevertheless, being flexible, SharePoint adjusts well to any restructuring, offering options to tailor the software accordingly.
  3. Social Features: One reason why social media is very popular is because of its engagement in a fun and interactive way. SharePoint can also be deemed similar since it offers features like profile creation, stating interests, details of work, colleagues, etc. Until recently, SharePoint was only accessible within an organization. Now, this software also allows communication outside the premises, promoting workflow in a big way. All of these evolving traits make SharePoint an interactive and social system.
  4. Automation Functionality: SharePoint provides impeccable information and record management. According to workflow permissions, this software employs an automated system where documents can be modified or deleted after a defined amount of time. This feature ensures a time-intensive, effortless, and incredibly efficient record management system. In addition, all files can have an expiry date that gives you the choice of discarding or relocating them.
  5. Elite Document Management: Last but not the least, robust document management is one of the prominent features of SharePoint. The easy integration of SharePoint libraries enables you to access, store, collect, and distribute documents in a hassle-free manner. Along with the document recycle feature, editing and co-authoring are also salient traits. Ultimately, with SharePoint, you get a centralized document management system where everything and everyone gets documents in one place.

Sharepoint intranet has extensive features that fit every organization’s unique needs, and this is precisely why enterprises prefer SharePoint over other intranet solutions. No matter the size or nature of your business, SharePoint offers solutions for everybody. Furthermore, Microsoft consistently invests heavily in SharePoint, and the future is looking bright for the SharePoint intranet.

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