Top Reasons Why Laravel Will Continue To Rule Web Development

Top Reasons Why Laravel Will Continue To Rule Web Development

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that developers use to create rich and dynamic web applications. If you have also decided to develop a web application, but are confused about how to proceed with it, then this blog will give you complete insights into Laravel.

Moreover, you will also know the top reasons why it is more preferred to build web applications.

Did you know? According to a report, out of the top 1 million websites of the world, 8432 (0.84%) were built by using Laravel.

It offers several features like flexibility, agility, speed, and unit testing of web applications. Additionally, it uses the PHP language to create a robust web application. PHP is the topmost framework language, and it is one of the prime reasons why developers prefer it to build web applications.

To comprehend the popularity of Laravel, let’s look at the market share chart of the framework.

40% of developers use it to create efficient web applications, and it has grown worldwide to become one of the best available frameworks for delivering scintillating web applications. Below, I have compiled the top ten reasons to move on with it and create rich web applications.

1. Security of the platform

Security is the topmost priority for any web developer while creating a web application. You should ensure that users don’t face any issues related to their data privacy. Moreover, It assists you in this, and provides tools to tackle security concerns.

Some of the best security features of it are as follows.

  • It offers gate protection to look after the security of web applications.
  • Laravel is one step ahead of other frameworks, and it provides API  authentication.
  • Encryption is also there to deal with security reasons.
  • Laravel provides hashed passwords to keep the data secure.

2. Blade template engine

Laravel has a unique inbuilt template engine, known as Blade. It’s a powerful and lightweight engine that helps developers create a fantastic layout with the help of swift content seeding. Moreover, it can work tirelessly with PHP or HTML.

3. Migration system for databases

One of the most challenging tasks for web developers is to transfer data. The Laravel migration system facilitates the easiest way for developers to migrate data from one platform to another.

The Laravel migration system makes doodles that help developers create an application database without altering it each time changes are made.

4. Laravel supports MVC Architecture

MVC architecture allows developers to build efficient applications by improving web app performance and making better documentation. Developers use the MVC structure to create innovative user interfaces.

Laravel supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that provides developers with the design structure to boost web execution. The Laravel framework has several in-built features that expedite web app performance.

5. Eloquent ORM

ORM stands for Object-Relational Mapping, which allows developers to issue database queries and convert data from incompatible systems to compatible ones. Laravel ORM is known as Eloquent, which developers use to interact with databases and understand database relationships using syntax.

Eloquent assists developers in fetching data from the database quickly. As long as you are using Eloquent ORM, you don’t need to worry about compatibility with any database.

6. Pagination.

Pagination is a crucial part of a document as it quickly lets users navigate separate pages in order to seek out the information stored on them.

If you want to organize the data, you need to number the pages. By doing this, you can track the information.

Laravel offers a paginator that allows developers to complete the numbering task for document pages.

7. Testing

Whatever application you develop, you need to test the software in order to ensure its proper functionality. This is as essential as any other task for developing the software.

There are two types of testing, i.e., unit testing and command-line utility testing. The Laravel framework offers both types of testing, which lets developers check whether the software is functioning correctly or not. If he finds any issues in the software, he can fix them quickly.

8. Artisan 

Laravel offers developers a specific category of tools and packages known as an artisan, which is very useful in developing the application faster. Developers can easily bypass the command to the web interface and eliminate repetitive and tedious programming tasks.

9. Larcasts

One of the top reasons why developers prefer Laravel is its tutorials, where one can quickly learn with the help of thousands of tutorial videos. The tutorial video quality is of high rank, which allows newbies to learn Laravel quickly.

Moreover, you can enroll yourself in the course and get a free and a paid version of videos according to the services they offer. Developers should be aware of the new trends coming to the market.

10. Cache web applications

Laravel supports the cache, unlike most of the PHP frameworks such as Memcached and Redis. The framework stores information in its files in order to better access the user search activities. It configures the cache, and at the same time, it paves the way for developers to develop software efficiently.

Wrapping Up!

Having discussed these top reasons, you must have formulated the idea that Laravel is far better than any other framework for developing an efficient application. PHP is the backbone of Laravel, which makes it popular amongst developers and enterprises for building web applications. Hire Laravel developers in India and give your web app the gift of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Laravel good to use for big projects?

A: Of Course, yes! There are several factors that make Laravel ready to implement for big projects. Some of them are scalability, flexibility, Eloquent ORM, and unit testing.

Q: Is Laravel a back-end or front-end framework?

A: Laravel is a back-end framework that allows developers to create dynamic and efficient web applications.

Q: How many Github stars have been given to Laravel?

A: Undoubtedly, Laravel is one of the most popular back-end frameworks, and it has been given 65k stars.

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