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The most used probability distributions in Data Science

Data Science and statistics are two very related topics and it’s not possible to work well with the former if you don’t know the latter. In this article, I’ve shown you some of the most important probability distributions you’ll find during your Data Scientist career.

Cyber Security and COVID-19: How Has the Pandemic Affected the IT Industry?

From computer forensics services to network administration services, the IT industry has seen significant changes in recent months. Here are some of the ways that the IT industry has been impacted by the global pandemic.

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Why Security Needs To Be Integral To DevOps

DevOps and security teams need to leave one-time gating inspections in the past and pursue a more collaborative real-time framework to achieve their shared compliance, security and time-to-market goals.

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  • Why NLP is important and it’ll be the future — our future

    With the increasing amount of text data being generated every day, NLP will only become more and more important to make sense of the data and used in many other applications.

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    Can you still Afford “not to afford” Cyber Security?

    Which business can now afford “not-to-afford” good cyber security measures, in a context where most remaining activity has shifted online, and we are all dependent on digital services? Security has become essential to keeping the lights on, and nobody can risk a cyber attack in the middle of all this.

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    Does the role of the “Virtual CISO“ make any sense?

    Faced by constant reports of cyber-attacks in the media, most small and medium-size organisations have woken up to the reality of cyber threats over the past few years.nMany still don’t really know what to do to protect themselves and turn to “virtual CISO” services for assistance.

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    Why You Should Build Your Personal Brand as a Data Scientist

    If you think that data science is your long term career path, then building your personal brand in data science is your long term strategy to take your career to the next level.

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    Effectively managing the enterprise data deluge

    We are experiencing an industry-wide data explosion. And data produced will continue to expand exponentially in the coming decade. 🗄️ With huge explosion in data already happening, how can companies across all industries prepare and optimize their storage systems?

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    Safeguard Your Remote Workforce

    DDoS attacks on VPN servers can not only bring remote work to a standstill but also cut off admins from accessing their systems. Here are three ways to stay safer.

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    Top 10 emerging technologies of 2020: Winners and losers

    Technology solutions built around artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G offer the most immediate opportunities for tech firms to generate new business and revenue. Here are top 10 emerging technologies of 2020

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    Machine Learning Engineer vs Data Scientist (Is Data Science Over?)

    It appears that the field of data science is branching and merging into few categories. In this article, we will first look into the overall trend of the data science industry and then compare ML engineer and data scientist in more depth.

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    5 Strategies to Ensure Online Security Among Your Employees

    Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent, and online security only has to get stronger. You don’t want to leave your business vulnerable due to ignorant employees. Here are five strategies that are easy fixes to help make your employees secure online, hence, protecting your company data and preventing a security breach.

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